Snorkeling Philippines: The Many Choices

snorkeling philippines
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If you plan on snorkeling Philippines waters, you’ve got so many options available to you.

Like any new destination, though, it can be challenging to plan your trip if you’re not sure of the best places and locations to visit.

Therefore, we have come up with a list of top snorkeling spots in the archipelago so that you can make a more informed decision.

Snorkeling Philippines Top Destinations

The Philippines is home to more than 7,600 islands, so you can easily see how hard it can be to find the best ones to get some use out of your split fins.

With our guide, you can choose the right ones to see a variety of indigenous marine species.

1. Apo Island

This is a marine sanctuary and is highly popular for snorkelers and divers.

While some of the corals have been damaged by typhoons and earthquakes recently, the island is still an excellent place for snorkeling throughout the country.

You’re going to find sea turtles all year long. They are amazing to watch because they glide through the water without a care in the world.

It is possible to get to Apo Island from the south coast of Negros Island or from Siquijor.

2. Siquijor

If you’re planning a long trip with many snorkeling destinations, then you may want to start off in Siquijor and then move to Apo Island.

Siquijor is right in front of a resort, so you may even want to stay there while on your trip.

This area is an excellent place to snorkel. Plus, you aren’t likely to find as many fish and corals so close to a white, sandy beach as you are here.

This island features many great spots to snorkel, and they are all accessible by motorbike.

3. Siete Pecados in Coron, Palawan

Of course, you can’t forget Palawan in your collection of the top snorkeling Philippines spots.

While El Nido didn’t get on the list, Coron is.

Coron Town is the capital of Busuanga Island. It’s one of the best starting points if you plan to go to Coron Island and spend some time snorkeling and enjoying the other tourist attractions in the area.

Siete Pecados is a very remarkable destination because the corals are very colorful and feature many fish species.

The coral gardens are excellent, as well. They compare to those in Port Barton, Puerto Princesa, and El Nido.

This is the best option for divers and snorkelers who want to visit Palawan Province.

4. Camiguin

Camiguin is a small volcanic island that is north of Mindanao, the main island.

It’s considered a hidden gem because not many people know about it yet.

Still, the island features many land attractions, as well as those under the water.

You’re going to find the sunken cemetery, which is an excellent place to go.

There is also White Island and Fish Port, as well as many snorkeling spots on Mantigue Island.

5. Bohol

You are going to find four amazing snorkeling spots around Bohol. You’ve got Anda, Balicasag, Pamilacan Island, and Cabilo.

While they are all top spots, we chose to summarize them all here because there are so many great places.

There is a lot of underwater diversity between these locations, as well as many other attractions. Therefore, it’s high on the list and suitable for round trips.

Pamilacan and Balicasag have jackfish swarms, beautiful corals, and turtles. You may also see a sardine run and some whale sharks.

Anda has nudibranchs, sea turtles, seahorses, and pipefish, and Cabilao offers smaller animals, including frogfish.

6. Anilao, Batangas

In the north toward Luzon, you’ve got the province of Batangas, which is on the west coast.

Right in front of a popular beach resort, you can find a beautiful coral garden. Plus, it is close to Sombrero Island.

Another great spot up here is on the island of Mindoro, near Puerto Galera.

7. Puerto Galera, Mindoro

Puerto Galera is around Mindoro and part of the Luzon Islands.

It is a part of MIMAROPA, so it is geographically located near the Visayas Islands, as well.

It has been attracting tourists for many years, with Sabang Beach being one of the most popular.

Its coral gardens are a great opportunity for snorkeling for beginners and advanced snorkelers.

You’ve got sponges and corals to attract a lot of tropical fish, as well as marine flatworms, rare crabs, and lionfish.

8. Nalusuan

Nalusuan is an island off Mactan Island.

Most of its corals were destroyed by fishing in the past, but it has made a comeback.

In fact, there are new corals that can attract very large fish.

Now, it gets special protection and has recently expanded. Therefore, you are going to find a variety of fish, as well as reef sharks and rays here.

9. Moalboal

Cebu Moalboal is an island province, and you can find Moalboal on the southwestern part of the island. It attracts many tourists each year.

This island has many excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities. However, it is a popular place for sardine runs, as well.

A sardine run is where thousands of sardines take flight and swim in formation to a new location. The water seems to be full of them, which can be exciting and a little surprising.

10. Donsol

You can’t forget about Donsol. If you want to see whale sharks, then this is the best place to go.

Many tour programs allow you to swim with them, but that isn’t technically snorkeling.

Still, you can choose to do other things on your snorkeling adventure.

While Oslob in Cebu also features whale sharks, the government there chooses to feed the animals, which could change natural behaviors.

Donsol does not do this and allows the animals to eat what they naturally eat and forage for food.

Therefore, we think this is an excellent place to visit.


With so many exciting things to do in the Philippines, you may not think snorkeling around the country is something you need to experience.

We disagree!

There are seemingly endless opportunities to see many corals and fish species in one country.

It’s never too late to book a trip. You can choose to visit one island and stick to the exciting options there.

Still, you may want to go to multiple islands if your trip is long enough to do so.

Regardless of how much time you have, any of these destinations are going to provide you with an amazing experience.

You’re going to want to come back to the country year after year to see more and more.

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