Snorkeling in Greece: The Ultimate Guide

Snorkeling in Greece: The Ultimate Guide
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Snorkeling is one of the most amazing things you can do. It’s loved by many, including children and adults, and it can bring joy and excitement to everyone. The idea of putting on a mask with a snorkel, throwing on your swimming gear, and diving into the deep blue waters is one that millions of people aspire to do on vacations and throughout the year.

Snorkeling in Greece is a wondrous thing to do. You’ve got crystal clear, warm waters, plenty of exotic, beautiful marine life and shipwrecks, and much more. You shouldn’t miss such an amazing opportunity.

Tips for Safe Snorkeling

For the most part, Greek waters are safer and calmer than those on the Atlantic and Pacific, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t strong currents and things you should consider before your trip.

For example, you need to pay attention to cruise ships because they can unsettle the waves. It’s best to go snorkeling on the beach or with a tour guide if you aren’t a strong swimmer. In this way, someone is there to help if you get into trouble.

While most people worry about sharks, there haven’t been any sightings for about four decades. You do need to watch out for jellyfish, which are highly prevalent throughout the Mediterranean. Keep your distance from them and regularly watch out for them.

Snorkeling in Greece: Where to Go and How to Do It

The beaches of Greece are usually the best places to snorkel, but it can be hard to settle down with the constant shift of the tide. Instead, it may be more suitable to find sheltered bays or shallow coast waters away from the surf and tide.

Many times, these areas have less sand and are rockier. Marine life can burrow down and make the area their home, so you’re likely to see plenty of wildlife.

The best way to snorkel in Greece is to talk to the locals or use a guide. You’ll find plenty of dive experts on the Greek Islands, and many of these locations offer snorkeling trips, as well. Therefore, you aren’t spending your days trying to find the best locations and can just ask someone who already knows.

1. Dafni Beach near Zante

In Zante, you have a unique stretch of beach where sea turtles like to lay their eggs. In April and June, you can also see the Loggerhead turtles at night. However, these turtles tend to stay in the water during the day, allowing you to snorkel alongside these amazing creatures.

This area is protected and, as such, visitors are only allowed between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 pm. from May through October. You’ll also have to follow strict rules and promote animal safety while you are there. Only 100 people are allowed on the beach at one time, and you can only use the first five meters of the beach from the sea. Still, it is worth it to go.

2. Foki Beach near Kefalonia

A trip to Greece wouldn’t be complete without going to Foki Beach. It is described as the best place to snorkel and dive along the Greek Islands, and you’ll know why the moment you arrive.

Here, you’re surrounded by a natural landscape with woodland and cliffs creating a sheltered, curved cove. This means that you’re away from the open sea, which allows you to find more underwater wildlife.

However, this location isn’t a secret, even though it is well hidden. Therefore, you won’t be alone. While you can rent snorkeling equipment while there, it can get pricey, so you may want to bring your own.

3. Afionas Beach, Corfu

While Afionas Beach is a popular snorkeling spot for tourists, it’s excellent for anyone who wants to explore sea life. The beach is the best place to start because you’ll find a lot of wildlife here. However, you can also go to the peninsula, which is less popular with tourists, but better for diving and snorkeling.

At the endpoint of the peninsula, you’ll find a cove with the most amazing scenery underwater. If you go just a bit further, you’ll have a peaceful and better experience, as this area isn’t as busy and populated.

4. Marmari Beach, Paxos

Not far from Longos, a coastal town, you’ll find Marmari Beach. It has a tropical feel, which makes it highly popular with tourists and natives. You’ll find overhanging trees with white rocky cliffs and the Mediterranean sea glistening just ahead.

The area is quite rural, so it can be tricky to find. Once you get there, though, you’ll understand why it was so worth the countless times of getting lost. The clear waters here make it a perfect place to snorkel, and you’ll experience a vibrant underwater world full of exotic plant life and fish.

5. The Great Wall, Chios Island

You can only reach the Great Wall by boat, and it’s actually better to explore it with diving than by snorkeling. However, if you only want to snorkel on your trip, you can still see the amazing wildlife and the overwhelming beauty of the wall.

The wall itself is an underwater cliff measuring 30 meters long and is full of colorful corals, plants, and fish. You can also find shipwrecks along the island, making it an excellent place to explore.

6. Shinaria Beach, Crete

The Shinaria Beach is an amazing place to visit, though you are likely to need a boat or yacht to reach the best snorkeling locations. It’s on the eastern part of the island, and you’ll find serenely clear waters with abundant marine life, making it the perfect location for a relaxed snorkeling session.

If you’ve ever wanted to swim with manta rays, you’ll find this the best place to go to. You’re likely to see octopus and manta rays, as well as other species of exotic, colorful fish. Plus, you can make it a day trip if you’re staying in Crete.


If you want to go snorkeling in Greece, you’ve got a variety of options available to you. We have chosen a select few to talk about, but you’ve got seemingly endless possibilities along any coastline in Greece. You’ll be amazed at the marine life you can experience.

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