Snorkeling Bali Style: What You Need to Know

snorkeling bali
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Though Bali is more well-known for surfing and diving, there is something to be said for snorkeling Bali style.

Those who don’t know how to scuba dive and want to be underwater rather than riding the waves can still find amazing marine life with snorkeling.

Bali is part of Indonesia and is called the coral triangle.

It’s a biodiverse hotspot for much marine life throughout the world.

However, the area can be murky and rough, which isn’t the best for snorkeling.

Therefore, we brought together a list of the best places to go to.

Snorkeling Bali: Places to Visit

1. Tulamben

Tulamben is a top-rated destination for divers, but snorkelers can also find many things to do here.

The USAT Liberty Wreckage

The American warship, USAT Liberty, was wrecked here when it was torpedoed in WWII while it tried to get through the Lombok Strait.

Though the Liberty did get to Bali, it had already taken on a lot of water and beached off the Tulamben area, eventually sinking.

The bottom of the wreckage sits at 30 meters, so it is only accessible to highly advanced scuba divers or expert freedivers.

Still, the top is just five meters down, so you can see most of it from just under the surface.

Plus, snorkelers would see a vast amount of marine life, which has made the wreckage home; in fact, it is an artificial reef that has been overgrown with healthy, vibrant coral.

Since the economy of Tulamben is related to the diving industry, no one fishes near or on the wreck, so the fish population is plentiful.

Since it is a premier dive site, there is plenty more to Tulamben than the wreckage.

The highlight for snorkelers is sure to be the Coral Garden.

It’s a shallow reef, which begins soon after you get into the water.

This garden is a mixture of human-made structures and original reef.

Of course, it is shallow, and you can see hard and soft corals from three to 12 meters down.

Depending on when you visit, you can see butterflyfish, damselfish, and eels.

Octopus, clownfish, and squid are also present.

2. Nusa Islands in Penida, Lembongan

Nusa Islands is home to many snorkeling sites, including:

Manta Point

Right off the coast, you can find Manta Point, where you can see large manta rays.

These giants are gentle, though they are curious around humans.

They tend to emerge from deeper down in the ocean, usually with parasites on them.

Sometimes, the manta rays stop at the coral mound to be cleaned by cleaner fish.

It’s possible to see all of this from your snorkeling position.

Mangrove Point

The reefs here are beautiful and amazing, but there are strong currents.

It can make snorkeling unsafe and challenging, so you need a reliable spotter and a boat dive tour guide with you.

Here, you can see thousands of fish in an unofficial fish nursery.

These babies stay there until they can venture out into the reefs along Penida and Lembongan.

3. Menjagan Island

If you’re looking for a pristine dive location in Bali, then Menjangan is your best bet.

It’s right off the coast of the Bali Barat National Park.

Only a few tourists go here, so you’re sure to feel like it’s a private adventure for you and your family.

Pos Dua

Pos Dua is quite famous because you can also see for 40 meters or more on any given day.

It starts off shallow from the white sand beach.

With just a short swim, you’re close to an underwater canyon that goes down 40 meters.

The walls go high, up to a meter below the surface, so you can still see plenty.

Plus, these walls are covered with hard corals and rainbow reef fish.

The Coral Garden

While we talked about a coral garden before, Menjangan Island has one, too.

It’s on the northwestern part of the island and is an excellent snorkel spot for those with experience and beginners alike.

The garden is about five meters below the surface, so you don’t have to go out too far to see amazing wildlife.

You can see flower-like anemones and clownfish.

There are also many crustaceans and small fish that can keep you distracted, too.

Plus, you might even see tuna, reef sharks, stingrays, and eagle rays.

Those who want a little something extra may wish to swim with some sea turtles.

If that’s on your bucket list, you can experience it at the Coral Garden off Menjangan Island.

4. Lipah Bay in Amed

Lipah Bay is a tranquil bay full of black sand near the Amed resort town.

It’s home to a variety of soft and hard corals and fishes.

One of the best snorkeling spots here is a quick walk from the beach and a few kicks.

You'll find a beautifully preserved reef with a gentle drop to the sandy, shallow bottom.

Lipah Bay also features a WWII Japanese patrol boat that had gotten wrecked, and the top of it is just six meters down.

If visibility is excellent that day, you can see most of the wreckage from just below the surface.

Those who want to try their hands or feet at freediving can get to the bottom of the wreck easily because it is only 12 meters down.

You are sure to see the staghorn corals covering the wreckage.

There are also crabs, octopus, and many fish that live there.

Keep in mind that this is a protected area, though, which means there are rules in place that you must agree to follow.

For example, you should stay close to the reef and not go too far into the ocean.


We understand that for most people, snorkeling Bali is a fantasy.

Still, you have learned of many exciting places to visit.

If you are lucky enough to take a vacation to Bali, it is easy to get to many of these locations.

You will be impressed with the majestic sea creatures and the living coral, plus you can immerse yourself in the culture of the area.

It’s a perfect spot to go for many other activities, as well, which means you will always find something fun and exciting to do while in Bali!

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