Scubapro -Men’s Definition Steamer 3mm Wetsuit Review

Scubapro -Men’s Definition Steamer 3mm Wetsuit Review
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Choosing a wetsuit can be a daunting task, as there is such a wide variety to choose from. With prices ranging from $50 to $800, it is clear that there is a massive difference in quality, materials, and performance on offer. Wetsuits might look similar from the outside, but they vary considerably in fabric, construction, and ultimately its end purpose.

A surfing wetsuit might keep you warm while you’re catching a wave, but it’s unlikely to keep you warm when diving at 100 feet. Conversely, a 6mm thick winter diving suit won’t give you much chance of ever standing upright on a surfboard, but you can be sure you will never get hypothermia.

Once you have narrowed your choice down to discipline, you then need to consider temperature. Fabrics tend to range from 2mm summer suits all the way up to 6mm cold water suits; one is not suitable for the other.

Some of the most significant developments in wetsuits over the last few years have been in the way the fabric is cut and constructed. Higher end wetsuits provide a fit like a “bespoke tailored suit” with ergonomic panels designed to allow freedom of movement in some areas, while denser fabrics offer rigidity and warmth in others. Some suits have taped seams for comfort and durability while others are glued or stitched. It’s an endless list of things to consider.

The Scubapro Men’s Definition Steamer 3mm Wetsuit

Scubapro Men's Definition Steamer 3mm Wetsuit

The Scubapro men’s definition steamer 3mm wetsuit provides super comfortable thermal protection in mid to warm waters. The “definition” in its name, tells you exactly what this suit is all about. Constructed using Scubapro’s bespoke manufacturing technique and 3D cutting, they have created a wetsuit that fits the body with “definition” ensuring it is a perfect fit and super comfortable.

It is made from Scubapro’s exclusive X Foam neoprene, which has been developed for improved thermal efficiency wWhile having the benefit of being more lightweight and durable. Constructed from limestone neoprene, X Foam is eco-friendly and petroleum free, making it the only neoprene to comply with PAH regulations.

Designed using Scubapro’s body map system, the suit is made using independent panels differing in thickness to contour the body, making this wetsuit super comfortable. The Definition Steamer incorporates an Ultraspan chest panel which allows extra stretch across the chest area and improved movement and breathing.

When combined with Stretch Tech side panels it ensures maximum flexibility and range of motion. The definition steamer wetsuit is also lined with Scubapro’s infrared fleece, an intelligent fabric that reflects body heat back into the suit increasing its thermal properties and wearability.

Other clever additions to this wetsuit include an angled rather than a vertical zipper on the rear allowing better flexibility and easier zip fastening. Scubapro has also incorporated zips and seals around the wrists and ankles making dressing and removal much more comfortable. Also included in the body fit construction are knee pads for protection and abrasion resistance as well as an I-Safe strap to keep your dive computer attached securely.

Scubapro Men's Definition Steamer 3mm Wetsuit
  • Nylon 2-sided X-Foam neoprene formula for better health, I-Safe strap keeps computer securely attached with HD knee pads
  • Body Map System uses specific materials in body panels for extreme warmth and comfort
  • Infrared reflecting heat shield technology on the interior torso and plush lining on the non stretch panels
  • Abrasion resistant StretchTec side panels for durability, angled rear entry zipper for increased flexibility and comfort
  • Seals and zippers on neck collar, wrists and ankles make dressing and undressing exceptionally comfortable and easy.

Product features:

Body map construction system

The body map system ensures this wetsuit fits like a glove. It utilizes 3D cut panels to contour fit the suit over your body, for the perfect balance of comfort, flexibility, and performance.

Infrared heat shield technology.

It features infrared fleece lining that reflects heat back from the neoprene into the suit improving thermal performance.

Easy access collars and cuffs

With zips and seals on collars and cuffs and an angled zip fastening to the rear, this helps the difficult task of getting the perfect fitting suit on and off. This allows feet and hands to fit through the tightest part of the wetsuit easily and then merely zipping and sealing to get the perfect watertight fit.

Ultraspan chest panel

The balance of having a snug fitting wetsuit and one that restricts movement and breathing is difficult to get right. Scubapro has solved this problem with its Ultraspan chest panel which allows a stretchy panel of fabric across the chest for increased movement while retaining appropriate form. This provides for relaxed breathing techniques.

Stretch tech side panels

Working in conjunction with the Ultraspan chest panel, the stretch tech side panels allow for a fantastic range of motion and flexibility for active divers. This makes this suit almost invisible to the wearer with its range of movement.

Who is this suit for?

The Scubapro definition steamer 3mm wetsuit is a mid-priced wetsuit suitable for summer conditions. There are lots of quality features packed into an affordable price. This would suit a frequent diver that demands a comfortable suit that will perform to a high standard on a regular basis.

What’s included

The Scubapro definition steamer 3mm wetsuit Is available in six sizes from S to 3XL.  Available in black with yellow highlights and visible ergonomic panels and seaming, it looks as good as it performs.

Alternative product

In a similar price bracket, you could also consider the Henderson Thermoprene full-length wetsuit. Also constructed from 3mm neoprene, Henderson utilizes a fabric made and designed for a natural stretch, which they claim is 75% more flexible than standard wetsuit material.

While it doesn’t benefit from the technical construction of the Scubapro, it does feature Lycra cuffs and ankles, as well as abrasive resistant elbow and knee pads. Its overall performance is still high quality, allowing excellent range of movement and thermal properties.


Scubapro has designed and developed a fantastic, full-length wetsuit in the definition steamer. It combines technology trickled down from higher priced suits and uses construction techniques that make this a high-performance technical offering.

We particularly like the body contour construction which gives a fantastic form-fitting wetsuit with a massive range of movement and flexibility. The innovative ankle and cuff fasteners also make this wetsuit stand out from the crowd, which proves that some things are not just form over function.

Although only a 3 mm wetsuit, the infrared technology and performance of this X Foam fabric will ensure that this suit will extend your summer season into the autumn and beyond. Top marks to Scubapro for also developing a sustainable fabric made out of limestone with one eye on the environment.


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