Realon Women’s Full Wetsuit Review

Realon Women’s Full Wetsuit Review
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Realon Women’s Full Wetsuit: QUICK OVERVIEW

Review of: Realon Women’s Full Wetsuit

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What We Like

  • Contoured knee pads for comfort
  • Protection against multiple elements
  • Highly flexible

What We Don’t Like

  • Sizing runs quite small
  • Not as good at handling cold temperatures as alternative 3mm products

Choosing a wetsuit can be a rather challenging affair. You need to know exactly what you are looking for and you need to make sure that each of the wetsuits that you look at fit your own needs.If they don’t, then they simply will not be practical for you. Today we are going to be reviewing the Realon Women’s Full Wetsuit, a wetsuit that is perfect for water sports and moderate temperatures.


Realon Women’s Full Wetsuit Review

Realon Womens Wetsuit Full 3mm Neoprene Surfing Scuba Diving Snorkeling Swimming Suit (Black 3mm, M)

The Realon Women’s Full Wetsuit is a rather special wetsuit because it has been designed and manufactured specifically for women in mind. One of the problems we often find with wetsuits for women is that they are actually unisex.

This means that they do not fit the way that they are supposed to because there are clear differences between the male and the female body. It is important that a wetsuit sits flush to the skin, so you need to make sure that you buy a gender specific wetsuit, unless you are certain that a unisex one will fit.This wetsuit is capable of keeping you warm while the water temperatures around you could be a little bit uncomfortable, but it has not been designed with freezing cold temperatures in mind. It also protects your body from the sun, sea lice, jellyfish and an array of other biological irritants that could be present in the water.

Who is this product for?

When you go to buy something like a wetsuit, you need to understand what it is that you are looking at. This wetsuit is a full-length wetsuit, meaning that it goes all the way down to your wrists and your ankles. This means that it can keep you warmer than a short front wetsuit can, where the fabric stops above your elbows and your knees.It is also worth noting that this particular wetsuit is known to be a good choice for women who are especially petite, whereas taller women might struggle a little bit with the fit. Remember that your wetsuit should feel quite tight, but it should not affect the circulation to your hands and feet and it should not make you feel like you are choking.

What’s included?

The Realon Women’s Full Wetsuit comes as a stand-alone piece. It fits as a single wetsuit with a zip and it does not separate into two different pieces. If you are not looking for a stand-alone piece, then you should take a look at some of the other wetsuits that Realon is known to manufacture. They produce full-length wetsuits for adults and children, short-front wetsuits, separates and even individual items like diving socks.

Overview of Features

One of our favourite things to look for in a wetsuit is flatlock stitching. You need to make sure that your wetsuit either contains flatlock stitching or blind stitching because other types of stitching will begin to irritate your skin. When stitches stick out, they rub against your body while you are in the water and they begin to cause chaffing and irritation. Luckily, this wetsuit includes flatlock stitching, meaning that neither of those things will be a problem.This wetsuit also seals perfectly around the neck, wrists and ankles, meaning that it will not feel like your wetsuit is constantly flushing and letting more water on. This will make it much easier to swim. You can also adjust the size of the neck hole by using the Velcro collar; this helps to keep the cold water outside of your wetsuit and traps the warm water inside of your wetsuit so that it cannot escape.You won’t even have to worry about getting an extra pair of hands to help you to get in and out of this wetsuit. It includes an extra-long YKK back zipper that can easily be reached and dragged up without too much of a struggle. The fabric is also abrasion-resistant, so it is unlikely to tear if you do snag it with the zip.The abrasion-resistant fabric can also be seen in the kneepads of this wetsuit. This means that you can scuff them, fall over, and catch them on things without really having to worry about the consequences of these normal accidents. The kneepads themselves are pre-shaped to fit your legs, meaning that they will not feel uncomfortable.


If you are looking for a wetsuit that is a little bit more sturdy, durable and even capable of standing up to the stress of a triathlon, then you should take a look at the XTERRA Women’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit. This wetsuit offers you a maximum level of flexibility, making it a great option for both training and racing. It also features a glue double-blind stitching method, making this wetsuit as water tight as possible.


If you are looking for a wetsuit to participate in water sports in, then the Realon Women’s Full Wetsuit could be the right option for you. It is an affordable wetsuit and there are better options out there, but it does the job perfectly as long as you do not wear it while in really cold water. Remember, if you are planning on entering really cold water, then you need to make sure that you buy a wetsuit with a thick layer of neoprene.


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