Quick Spit Antifog Spray: The Best Scuba Mask Anti-Fog?

best scuba mask anti-fog
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Quick Spit Antifog Spray: QUICK OVERVIEW


Value For Money


Environmental Friendliness

When you’re out in the ocean enjoying a day of diving, there’s nothing more annoying than having a scuba mask that keeps fogging up on you. Stopping to clear your mask every 10 minutes eats up your precious diving time, which is why you need to invest in the best scuba mask anti-fog product.

Fog forms on the inside of your scuba mask as the warm wet air on the inside of your lens (between the lens and your face) is cooled by the colder environment of the ocean. This causes condensation, and small water droplets form to cover the surface of the lens interior to create the fog.

Anti-fog sprays work by creating a hydrophilic surface, which minimizes surface tension. This results in the condensation to cover the lens in more of a film-like fashion instead of droplets.

Finding a good anti-fog spray is important to ensure that your diving experience is as enjoyable as possible. To help you out, we took a look at the Quick Spit Antifog Spray to see if it really works.

Just Add Water Quick Spit Antifog Spray

Just Add Water provides quality, eco-friendly solutions to the water sports market (among others). The Quick Spit Antifog Spray was their first-ever product when they launched back in 2005. In fact, it is the most recognized anti-fog spray in the world and was recently improved by being made available in a liquid that can be used in a spray bottle.

Who Is this Product for?

The Quick Spit Antifog Spray is perfect for anyone who is looking to avoid the dreaded fogging problem that is associated with masks and goggles used in a variety of sports.

Whether you enjoy diving, swimming, or skiing, this antifog spray can help you see more clearly for longer periods. This results in the reduction in the number of times that you will need to make a stop to clear your mask.

This product is not recommended for use on prescription lenses. Thus, if your scuba mask is prescription, then this isn’t suitable and is not advised to be used on your mask.

What’s Included?

Depending on the order you placed, you will receive one, two, or three bottles of Quick Spit Antifog Spray from Just Add Water. Each bottle contains 30ml of Quick Spit formula and has a pump-action sprayer attached. Directions for use can be found on the back of the bottles.

Overview of the Features

  • Size and Application

The Quick Spit Antifog Spray comes in a conveniently sized 30ml bottles. This means that you can easily keep it in your pocket, bag, or purse, thus giving you quick access to it when you most need it.

When you’re out diving, there is already a lot of equipment to lug around. Luckily, this spray won’t add any weight to your luggage at all.

The pump action cap means that the product will go far. In fact, you can expect to get around more than 200 pumps per bottle. This ensures that one bottle will last you for many dives to come.

  • Environmental Impact

One of the reasons we love this product is the fact that the formula is eco-friendly and non-toxic. Being a passionate diver, you’re sure to appreciate the fact that this formula won’t harm the ocean or its inhabitants.

The product is, in fact, both natural and biodegradable, so you can put your mind at ease with all environmental concerns.

  • Versatility

The Quick Spit Antifog Spray formula can be used on glass or plastic, making it a very versatile product that you’ll find many uses for, not just when you’re diving. It can be used for wet or dry applications, which is pretty vital for its application in ocean diving.

The only problem with this anti-fog spray is that it isn’t recommended that you use it on prescription lenses. If you have a prescription dive mask, then this may damage the lens. That being said, you’ll have to look for an alternative.

How to Get the Most Out of It

The key to getting the most out of this product and ensure that you’re getting the best scuba mask anti-fog treatment is to pre-clean your scuba mask with a mask cleaner before using it. How is this done?

To clean your scuba mask, all you need to do is spray a small amount onto each lens and rub it in to cover the entire lens area. Then, rinse the mask off. Make sure to avoid touching the lens both while you are rinsing and after you have rinsed.


If you have a prescription dive mask, then you can try the anti-fog spray from Z Clear. You can use this spray on absolutely all kinds of lenses—from your reading glasses to your prescription dive mask or ski goggles.

What’s more is that this spray also comes in a handy-sized bottle that is easy to carry and has a fine-spray, pump-action lid. What this does is ensure that you don’t use very much on each application, which means that the product will last you a long time.

The only problem we see is that although the manufacturer recommends it for diving accessories, they also say that for the best results, it needs to be applied to the lens, rubbed in with your fingers until it dries completely, and then wiped off with dry microfiber or cotton cloth.

This means that you have to also have a clean, dry cloth with you as well as the spray, which isn’t that easy when you’re diving as you’re often in a wet environment from the beginning to the end of the trip.

The spray is also quite a lot more expensive than the Quick Spit from Just Add Water Solutions, but they do offer a replacement or refund if you’re not happy with their product.


Unless you are forced to go with an alternative due to owning a prescription scuba mask, we believe that the Quick Spit Antifog Spray from Just Add Water Solutions is the best scuba mask anti-fog spray. It works really well, and we love its handy, compact size as well as the fine-spray, pump-action lid that makes the product last for ages.

What we love most of all, however, is that the product is also eco-friendly. Keeping the environment free from unnecessary chemicals means that you can dive and enjoy the beauty of the ocean not just with a clear vision but also with a clear conscience.

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