Hyperflex Wetsuits Men’s Voodoo 4mm Hooded Front Zip Full Suit Review

Hyperflex Wetsuits Men's Voodoo 4mm Hooded Front Zip Full Suit Review
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Wetsuits are an essential part of any water activity for most of the year. If you’re a swimmer, diver or surfer, it can be your lifeline and the key to getting the best out of your sport. Choosing the correct wetsuit for the job in hand is essential to ensuring that long days in the water are comfortable and warm.

Technology has hit the wetsuit industry over recent years with high-performance, cutting-edge fabrics, and computer designed body contouring constructions. Combined, this ensures maximum warmth and flexibility for minimal weight and thickness.

The key to a perfect wetsuit is getting the fit correct for your body shape. Ensuring that there is a tight seal between the fabric and the skin without restricting movement will ensure the neoprene will work with your body heat and the water to create a perfect heating system.

The difficulty with wetsuits is that it’s hard to find one suit that will work for a range of uses. Swimming wetsuits, for example, are mainly designed for speed through the water and flexibility rather than high thermal properties so they won’t work for diving at 30 meters.

Dive suits are too rigid and thick for swimming or surfing, and that’s before you start on its construction. Do you need full length, or will a shorty suffice; do you need a thermal hood or open neck; what thickness do you need: 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm? Argghh!

Thankfully we’re here to help with our Hyperflex full suit review.

Hyperflex Wetsuits Men’s Voodoo 4mm Hooded Front Zip Full suit

Hyperflex Wetsuits Men's Voodoo 4mm Hooded Front Zip Fullsuit, Black, Large

Hyperflex wetsuits are a part of Henderson Aquatics, the largest (Scuba) wetsuit manufacturer in the world. Hyperflex focuses on board sports rather than scuba and their team of riders, surfers, kiteboarders and watermen are dedicated to the pursuit of wetsuit excellence for this sport.

The Voodoo range of suits sits at the top of the Hyperflex offering and is packed full of wetsuit technology. This range utilizes their trademarked Atomic Foam super stretch neoprene which is infused with a super high number of air cells to ensure improved thermal performance for the same thickness as regular neoprene. This also provides maximum flexibility throughout the suit which is essential for performance sports such as surfing and kiteboarding.

Hyperflex also lines the suit with their trademarked thermal fabric AQ6 which helps with drying and retains the natural stretch of the shell neoprene. To further enhance the thermal properties of the suit, ReactacoreTM insulation panels are used across the chest, back and hood for maximum performance.

Key to the usability of this suit is the Hyperflex Cocoon TM entry system which provides a simple full entry to the suit with a front fastening zip and gusset allowing entry and exit to be fast and straightforward.

All seams on the suit are double blind stitched which means the needle doesn’t penetrate the width of the fabric. This ensures maximum water retention and the seams are finished with a fusion weld that creates a perfect molecular bond between fabric panels.

Duratex knee pads are inserted for maximum protection and abrasion resistance without any loss in flexibility.

This cold-water suit also features a Reactacore+ TM Hood with Cyclopse-Cinch TM hood adjustments. In plain English that means the hood fits snug and warm and the tie cords are stashed in the fabric, so they don’t bash you in the face while surfing!

Product Features:

Atomic Foam Neoprene

This trademarked development ensures higher thermal insulation than a regular neoprene of the same thickness, so it enables hyperflex to make thinner, more flexible suits with similar thermal performance.

Reactacore+ insulation panels

Giving you extra insulation where you need it most, across your back and chest and most importantly head

Duratex knee pads

Protection and abrasion resistance in the most needed area of the suit your knees. This creates performance without restriction.

Cyclopse-Cinch hood

Utilizes innovative thermal fabric to give superb fit and also has a no fuss fastening system developed and trademarked by Hyperflex.

Cocoon Entry System

Hyperflex developed this simple entry system for easy, comfort and speed, and means entry and exit is a breeze.

Who is this suit for?

The Hyperflex Men’s Voodoo 4mm Hooded Front Zip Full suit is top of the Hyperflex range. Designed and developed by a team of surfers, kiteboarders and watermen, you can be sure it has been made with passion and knowledge of the sport. This wetsuit is ideal for passionate surfers and kiteboarders up to pro level that require a suit to perform in cold conditions.

What’s included:

The Hyperflex Men’s Voodoo 4mm Hooded Front Zip Full suit is available in two colors: Jet black and Black/Green. Every detail is considered by Hyperflex to ensure you get the perfect fit for your body shape and so the suit is available in 12 sizes from XS to 3XL with long and short sizes available in medium-large and extra-large.


In a similar price bracket and also featuring a thermal hood you could consider the Quicksilver Syncro CZ GBS HD Full suit. Available in 3/4/5 mm, Quicksilver has used their light neoprene to ensure maximum flexibility and warmth and lined the suit with Warmflight thermal lining which features infra-red technology. Seams are glued and blind stitched for the perfect thermal seal. Quicksilver has also produced a suit with chest entry for easy access and Ecto-flex knee pads for protection.


The Hyperflex Men’s Voodoo 4mm Hooded Front Zip Full Suit is a fantastic wetsuit for serious surfers, kite surfers and recreational watermen that require a quality cold water shell. Its packed with proprietary technology designed by the Hyperflex team of pro riders and designers meaning you are getting a suit that is developed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

Attention has been given to ensuring this suit maximizes thermal efficiency while guaranteeing freedom of movement. Fit and comfort play a massive part of this suit and with 12 sizes available you can be sure to get a perfectly fitting suit that will extend your pleasure throughout the day.


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