How to Put a Suit On: A Quick Guide on Putting On Your Wetsuit Easily

How to Put a Suit on for a Comfortable Scuba Diving Experience
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Wetsuits are great! They keep you warm while in cold waters and protect your skin from the heat of the sun while on land. The only problem is how to put your suit on. Wetsuits can be quite challenging to put on, you see.

But worry no more! Today, we are going to talk about the different techniques on getting a wetsuit on. We are going to talk about the factors that make it difficult for you to put on a wetsuit, how to put on your wetsuit, and finally, additional tips and tricks to make the process even easier!

After reading this article, we’re sure you’ll never have difficulties putting on a wetsuit again. Let’s get started!

The Challenges of Putting a Wetsuit On

We’ll be sharing the ways on how to put on wetsuit later, but before that, it’s important to determine the reasons why it’s so difficult to do so. Here are the factors that might make putting your wetsuit on, close to impossible:

1. It’s new.

Wetsuits, like shoes, can be a bit tighter when new. That’s because it hasn’t been broken in yet. This is practically normal. After using your wetsuit for a few times, it should warm up to you and get easier to put on in time.

2. It’s the wrong size.

Another huge factor is the fact that it simply doesn’t fit. Wetsuits are made to be skin-tight, as this ensures that there is no space for water (and chill) to seep in.

However, if it’s simply impossible to get into your wetsuit and zip it up, or if you feel you’re too restricted by it so much that you’re already having trouble breathing, then mate, your wetsuit’s too small. Thus, you have to get the next size.

3. It’s friction.

Finally, you have to consider friction. We are going to share related tips on this later, so just keep on reading. But here’s a quick tip to keep in mind for now.

You and your wetsuit must be on the same state in order for you to get into it easier. If you’re dry, your suit should be dry, and if you’re wet, then your suit should be wet. If you or your suit is not wet or dry like the other one, then you’re going to be in trouble putting it on.

Speaking of putting it on, let’s get into your wetsuit!

How to Put a Suit On

Putting your wetsuit on shouldn’t be rocket science. Here is a step-by-step guide you can follow in order to put on your wetsuit with ease and confidence.

  1. Unzip your wetsuit all the way. One of the most common mistakes committed by people putting on a wetsuit is not unzipping it all the way through.
  2. Put your suit on through one of your legs first, and then pull it up higher than your ankles. There’s a reason for this.
  3. Put your suit on through your other leg, again pulling it up higher than your ankle.
  4. Pull your suit up all the way to your crotch; it must touch your crotch area. This is the reason why we suggested for you to pull your suit’s legs higher than your ankles. It will make it easier for you to pull it all the way up since not doing so will make your wetsuit hang a bit low, create a gap between your crotch and the crotch area of your suit, and ultimately affect the mobility of your legs (not to mention creating more friction than it’s supposed to and making your suit experience more uncomfortable when it shouldn’t be).
  5. Once pulled all the way up, it’s time to pull your hands through.
  6. Pull your suit all the way through your shoulders until it fits snuggly on your underarms. Doing so will make it easier for you to zip up your wetsuit.
  7. Ask a friend to zip up your suit. Don’t worry, we’re going to share with you a secret technique on how to zip up your suit on your own in a bit.
  8. Congratulations! You’re ready to get into the water.

Those steps seem to be pretty straightforward, but we understand that they are all easier said than done. Don’t worry, we hear you! This is the reason why we are going to share our secret techniques to make the process easier down below.

The Secret Techniques to Putting a Wetsuit On

At last, here’s the most awaited part. Here, we are going to share some secret techniques on how to put a suit on and make the process a hundred times easier! Here they are:

1. Use plastic bags!

Put a plastic bag on your feet and your hands as you pull them through your wetsuit. Doing so will reduce friction and make it easier for you to put on your suit. You also don’t need four plastic bags. Be friendly to the environment and just use one. After all, you’ll be pulling your limbs through one at a time, right?

2. Put it on wet

Another way to give your body the much-needed lubrication is by showering first. Take your wetsuit with you as you shower as well. Once both of you are nice and wet, you should be able to fit in like a glove.

3. Wear a dive skin

Wearing some lycra underneath will not only make it easier for you to put on your wetsuit, but it will also prevent blisters from forming since it will greatly minimize unnecessary friction.

4. Tie a cord on the zipper

Having a difficult time pulling your back zipper up? Call a friend! The problem arises when you don’t have a friend to call on. The answer, aside from being friendlier, is to tie a cord to your zipper. In this way, it will be easier for you to pull it up since you have a cord to hold on to.

Final Words

You see, putting on your wetsuit shouldn’t be too complicated. All you really need is a bit of creativity, and maybe a buddy or two to help, and you’re all set. We hope that you have found this article useful and that it has made your wetsuit experience easier and more convenient. Till next time!

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