How To Pack A Wetsuit (For A Trip Or Vacation)

How To Pack A Wetsuit (For A Trip Or Vacation)
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The chances are that if you’ve invested in your own wetsuit rather than choosing to rent when you arrive at your destination, then you are dedicated to the pursuit of diving or surfing and love a more active-style vacation. The kind where you get to ride some exotic waves or view some breath-taking coral rather than sit on the beach drinking mojitos.

That probably means that you are going to want to pack your wetsuit for one of your upcoming trips of a lifetime. That very thought may well currently fill you with dread, and you might be sitting right now looking at your wetsuit and pondering what the best way is to pack it into your suitcase without damaging it physically.

Don’t worry, you’re not on your own in wondering the best way to go about it, and it’s a more common question than you might imagine, so you are in excellent company. As always, we are here to answer all those burning questions. You know, the ones that you have firmly in your head but aren’t quite sure who among your circle of friends to ask for the best advice!

Not that you are worried that they might scoff at your lack of knowledge but really, who are you going to ask? Certainly, your mother is no good on this subject, and she would generally be the best person to give you tips on any kind of packing!

So today we are looking at how to pack a wetsuit for a trip or vacation so that you know exactly what to do when that next diving trip you’ve planned comes around.

Our top six essential travel packing tips for your wetsuit

We’ll go into the process in more detail but first up, congratulations on having an imminent diving or surfing trip organized. We’re not jealous, much! Actually, we’re delighted for you and only wish that we were donning our wetsuit for another aquatic adventure.

The most important tip we can provide you with when it comes to packing that wetsuit is to always, above all else, make sure that it is correctly folded. By that, we suggest that you follow these simple instructions as a basic starter:

  1. Take out your dry, clean wetsuit and lie it down fully flat front side down on an even surface like your bed.
  2. Next up you are going to want to fold the two legs back at the knee joint position.
  3. Follow up by next tackling your two arms and folding those inwards, over the back of the wetsuit.
  4. Now you are going to need to take the entire top section and fold it neatly back over the bottom half.
  5. You’re good to go right ahead and slide that neatly folded wetsuit either into a bag or lay it out flat inside your suitcase or carry-on luggage, depending upon how “light” you travel.
  6. OK, fast track. You’ve just landed at your dream dive destination in Bali. Before you contemplate cracking open that mini bar, take out your wetsuit, carefully unfold it and put it on a hanger. Now get some shut-eye ready for your early morning wake-up call.

The same rules apply if you are a dedicated athlete or triathlete and need to pack your uniform ready for a competition. It’s not rocket science, and there is no gimmicky wetsuit folding machine that you need to purchase to do the job correctly! Just follow the above instructions to ensure that it’s correctly and neatly folded and take some care when stowing away, ready for transit.

Don’t put half opened toiletries on top of your wetsuit or try and shoehorn it into a space that’s just not big enough. Your wetsuit should be treated with due care and respect. It’s a vital part of your professional arsenal, and you don’t want to pack it in a way that might cause small tears or rips to the Neoprene. That could turn into a costly mistake.

Caring for your wetsuit before you head back home

We take it that you are going to be regularly using your wetsuit on this trip so make sure you look after it during the duration of your vacation too and don’t just toss it in a crumpled and creased mess on the hotel floor or fling it over the bathtub.

Once you’ve finished wearing it for the day, carefully remove and turn it inside out then prepare to hang it up, preferably on a clothing rack or wide rail. You are going to want to ensure that the cloth liner on the inside of your suit is thoroughly and completely dried out before you wear it again so depending upon where in the world you are and the weather conditions that might be best done indoors or perhaps outdoors.

Check that the inside liner is completely dry first and then flip the suit back the right-side-out so to speak and let it dry off that way too. Any remaining drops of moisture or water residue should easily be evaporated off the Neoprene of your wetsuit. You are good to go out surfing again or ready to re-pack for your journey home to reality.

Keep your wetsuit hanging at all time unless you are traveling.

Don’t be tempted to fold it back up at this stage and create any unwanted creases. If you can, we always recommend that you just leave your wetsuit hanging on a suitable hanger at all times when you’re not physically in transit.

That way you can be sure that your investment is being well taken care of and will last you for several years to come. With discipline and good practice and our essential wetsuit packing tips, your wetsuit can be as well traveled as you are and enjoy its very own global bucket list!

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