Cressi Dive Computer Review

cressi dive computer review
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From innovative engineering to convenient everyday features, Cressi dive computers are often regarded as some of the best.

Beginners and experienced divers can benefit from its range of user-friendly products.

In this Cressi Dive Computer review, we'll explore all of the innovative features that its top three wrist computers offer.

First, let’s get to know the brand a bit.

About Cressi

Cressi has been one of the most historical dive gear companies since it started in 1939.

Since then, it has created several innovative products in its production facilities in Genoa, Italy.

Each of its creations is uniquely engineered by a team of experienced architects in the Cressi family.

Its products are beneficial for all water-related activities, including spearfishing, snorkeling, swimming, and diving.

You'll find Cressi products in over 90 countries worldwide, each of which meets the highest quality standards.

Divers searching for premium water sports products are bound to be impressed by its extensive collection of items.

It is guaranteed that with Cressi products, you'll have an exceptional water sports experience.

Comparison Chart

Cressi Newton Wrist Dive Computer

Cressi Giotto Wrist Dive Computer

Cressi Leonardo Wrist Dive Computer

Cressi Dive Computer Reviews

1. Cressi Newton Diving Computer Watch

The Cressi Newton is what you need if you have been searching for a compact dive computer.

Its overall design is far beyond underwater exploration, as it is also useful for on-land purposes.

Overview of the Features

With the ability to deactivate Dive mode, you can take advantage of the watch-like functions for everyday wear.

Here are other features you will get from this unit:

  • Watch Settings

As mentioned, you can opt to disengage the dive settings to access the device's watch-like features.

You will have access to a calendar, a 12- or 24-hour clock, and a stopwatch on land.

There's also an innovative alarm clock and second time setting built into the device.

When traveling, be sure to take advantage of the dual time zones.

You can set the time for two separate time zones in the watch, so you are always following the correct clock.

  • Dual-Mixture Algorithm

Cressi and Bruce Wienke create the dual-mixture Cressi RGBM algorithm.

The algorithm is similar to the Haldane model, which is ideal for safe decompression calculations.

When going on a diving excursion with multi-day dives, the RGBM factors are ideal for various mixtures.

  • Full Data Processing

When the dive computer is in its Dive mode, you will have full processing of all your data.

This feature includes every metric measured when diving with Air or Nitrox.

Also, the dive computer monitors nine tissues with saturation half-times up to 480 minutes.

  • Oxygen Percentage and Pressure Parameters

Divers have the opportunity to use two Nitrox mixtures that are interchangeable while diving.

You will also have access to full FO2 (oxygen percentage) and PO2 (partial oxygen pressure) parameters.

You can set the PO2 between 1.2 bar and 1.6 bar, while the FO2 can be set between 21% and 50% for your first mixture.

Divers can set the second mixture between 21% and 99%.

  • High-Quality Design

Compared to other dive computers, you will find that this device is designed with impeccable attention to detail.

It has a 48mm body with a 35mm display, similar to most traditional watches.

The face is designed with mineral glass, which offers optimal clarity in most underwater conditions.

Both the strap and body are constructed using rubber ABS plastics with a stainless-steel bezel.

You'll also find impressive stainless-steel screws that anchor the strap for reliability.

Overall, it's one of the most challenging dive computers to damage, even if you wear it daily.

  • Intuitive Interface

With the brilliantly backlit dot-matrix screen, you'd be able to view and access an assortment of functions.

There are four easy-to-use buttons for navigating through the menus, similar to a sports watch.

It is relatively user-friendly, but it's beneficial to read through the instructions to learn the functions beforehand.

  • Audible and Visual Alarms

There are audible and visual alarms built into the dive computer, which is fantastic for all users.

You'll find alarms for decompression, ascent rates, PO2, and CNS O2.

Also, you can turn off unnecessary alarms, which can be useful for conserving battery life.

  • Impressive Memory

When it comes to storing your dive log history, you want plenty of storage.

Otherwise, you'll find yourself having to sync your dive computer too often.

Fortunately, the Newton allows for up to 70 hours of log storage or up to 60 dives.

Each of your excursions will have a complete profile and be saved to your history.

You can also access dive planning features.



  • Elegant design
  • Lightweight for everyday wear
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Bright and loud alarms


  • Could arrive with a dead battery
  • Questionable water resistance

2. Cressi Giotti Diving Computer

The modular design of the Cressi Giotti makes it a functional dive computer for all environments.

It is one of the most ergonomic wrist dive computers on the market with user-friendly features.

Overview of the Features

The Cressi Giotti allows for a few configurations for a more personalized experience.

Here’s how you can get the most out of it:

  • Ergonomic Design

You'll want to make sure you are investing in a quality dive computer designed for long-term wear.

The Giotti is incredibly comfortable, as it allows your wrist to move freely underwater.

It features a stainless-steel trim that looks elegant and attractive while still boasting technical features.

  • User-Friendly Display System

The display system on this dive computer is impressive, as it is straightforward to read and navigate.

All of the software menus are designed intuitively for technical and recreational divers.

You will easily be able to manage your Nitrox as well as take advantage of dual EAN mixes in each dive.

  • Full Reset

If you are purchasing a dive computer for a diving class, you will love the full-reset option.

You can get rid of residual nitrogen so that the watch can be worn consecutively by multiple divers.

Also, you can easily configure the menus to display as much or as little information as desired.

  • Three-Button Operation

It can be stressful to use dive computers with too many functions and buttons.

This device streamlines the process by offering three buttons for easy navigation.

Also, you will find that the screen's construction is designed for ease of use.

The perfect contrast between the background and the data makes the display easy to read in all conditions.

The information is also intuitively displayed, so you can find what's most important at a glance.

You'll surely appreciate the larger text, especially when compared to smaller-sized dive computers.

  • Extended Battery Life

The user-replaceable battery is easily changed without the need for special tools.

Also, it consumes far less battery than other devices, especially with its energy-saving features.

It conserves energy by ensuring the display is only lit if you push a button or an alarm is sounding.

  • Full Dive Program

With the innovative dive program in this device, you will have full processing of your most important data.

Each Air or Nitrox dive will include decompression, if applicable, and the ascent rate and surface intervals.

You will also have access to your depth and dive times.

  • FO2 and PO2 Parameters

Similar to the Newton, the Giotti features full settings for both FO2 and PO2 parameters.

You can set the FO2 between 21% and 99% with PO2 between 1.2 bar and 1.6 bar.

  • Comprehensive Log Book

Divers can quickly store all of the data from their previous dives in the logbook.

This built-in technology stores up to 70 hours of dives or up to 60 specific dives, whichever comes first.

Each log features its comprehensive profile that can be downloaded to your PC with the Cressi interface.

  • Watch-Like Features

As another on-land option for divers, the Giotti features several watch-like components.

You'll have access to a traditional clock as well as a calendar and chronograph.

Its robust and reliable construction makes it a highly versatile option for all types of wear.


  • Easy for beginners
  • Quick Air to Nitrox switches
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Audible ascent rate alarm


  • Display holds water
  • Not compatible with OSX

3. Cressi Leonardo Diving Computer

The Cressi Leonardo Diving Computer has one of the most streamlined designs on the market.

Its simple look offers plenty of essential functions, making it a must-have for beginners.

Overview of the Features

If you don't want to deal with a ton of advanced features, the Cressi Leonardo is one of our top recommendations.

  • Single-Button Activation

One of the most impressive features that make this dive computer straightforward is how it is operated.

There is only one button to help you navigate through the few menus it offers.

Because of this, it is far more effortless to operate than some of the bulkier and more expensive wrist computers.

  • High-Definition Screen

If you have owned a dive computer with a low-quality screen in the past, now is as good a time as any to get an upgrade.

The HD screen built into the Leonardo is awe-inspiring, as you will have optimal clarity.

The contrast between the data and the backlighting makes it ideal for dark and bright conditions alike.

Also, the numerical display is perfectly sized for easy viewing while underwater.

Compared to other models, the values are bolder and more pronounced, making it ideal for first-time divers.

  • Adjustable Conservatism

Another significant feature of the Leonardo dive computer is the fact that it allows for adjustable conservatism.

This device is designed to grow with you as you gain more diving experience.

You'll be able to choose between three different conservatism settings.

Although it is not one of the most advanced dive computers for tech divers, it is still useful.

Divers can quickly adjust the innovative conservatism settings depending on experience and physical condition.

  • Visual and Audible Alarms

Often, it can be challenging to hear some of the lower-quality alarms from entry-level dive computers.

The Cressi Leonardo considers your safety with audible and visual alarms.

Regardless of underwater conditions, you'll be kept apprised of significant changes and concerns.

Divers can go into the menu to turn some of the alarms on or off.

With this level of customization, you can guarantee you are alerted to only the information you need.

  • Adjustable Measurements

You likely have to travel to another country for your diving excursion.

Continually having to convert your preferred unit of measurement to local measurements can be a headache.

Fortunately, this dive computer is prepared for worldwide use with two available units of measure.

Divers can alternate between imperial or metric measurements depending on preference.

  • User-Changeable Battery

One of the most convenient features a dive computer can have is a user-changeable battery.

Instead of bringing the computer to a specialist when the battery dies, you can replace it yourself.

The Leonardo does not require any special tools to access the battery compartment and is compatible with a CR2430 battery.

A feature that's become one of our favorites is the battery indicator.

On the main screen, you'll always be apprised of how much battery life is left in the device.

  • FO2 and PO2 Adjustability

Like all Cressi devices, divers have access to useful FO2 and PO2 adjustments.

You can set the FO2 between 21% and 50%, while the PO2 is adjustable between 1.2 bar and 1.6 bar.

As an added benefit, there is a unique built-in oxygen toxicity visual indicator.

  • RGBM Algorithm

The RGBM algorithm is highly versatile for several different types of dives.

You'll also find the dive computer incorporates Deep Stop, which is ideal for beginner-friendly computers and is user-selectable.

  • Rugged Design

The overall design of the Cressi Leonardo is quite impressive because it mimics a traditional sports watch.

If you are looking for a low-profile modular computer, the wide UFDS display on this unit is ideal.

It also uses durable rubberized materials for the wrist strap, which is comfortable for everyday wear.

  • Ergonomic Design

By now, it is easy to see how the Leonardo dive computer is an excellent option for wearability.

Like its predecessors, it also features an ergonomic wrist strap and casing for hours of wear.

You'll appreciate that the strap is highly adjustable, especially for large wrists.

Its low-profile aesthetic allows you to move effortlessly through the water without adding bulk.

However, one of the most significant issues with the strap is its length.

You'll likely have to trim the wristband to get rid of excess material, especially if you have a smaller wrist.

  • Optional Connectivity Interface

If you opt to purchase the IR interface separately, connecting your device is seamless.

The software is available separately and requires a USB cable for PC connection.

According to Cressi, the software is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.


  • Quick setup
  • Impressive measurement units
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Useful adjustable conservatism


  • Easily scratched screen
  • Excessively large wristband

Final Verdict

Choosing the best unit from this Cressi Dive Computer review is simple.

Looking at what it can offer, it’s clear that the Cressi Leonardo is a great option.

Its well-rounded beginner-friendly features are functional and accessible with the single-button operation.

For a more heightened experience, though, we recommend the Giotto with its adjustable intuitive interface.

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