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Scuba Diving: Wetsuit vs Dry Suit

Scuba Diving Wetsuit vs Dry Suit

If you are new to the sport of scuba diving, you may be wondering which is better, a wetsuit or a dry suit. Actually, it is not a matter of which one is better for you, but which one is better for the type of diving you plan on doing. For instance, if you are going to be diving in warmer areas, a wetsuit is going to suffice. But if you are going to be doing cold water dives, a dry suit is going to keep you a lot warmer. Today, we are going to take a look at the differences between wetsuits and dry suits, and what each are used for.

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What is A Wetsuit Made Out Of?

What is A Wetsuit Made Out Of

Wetsuits are a vital part of every water-lover’s wardrobe. They can be used to dive deep under the water, swim in the sea and even to surf in freezing cold temperatures. They are usually incredibly specialized and a wetsuit that is suitable for one activity might not be suitable for another. Because of this, the materials that wetsuits are made out of are super important.

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How Long Do Wetsuits Last?

How Long Do Wetsuits Last

Wetsuits are the perfect option when it comes to dealing with cold water temperatures and chilly temperatures outside. They exist as your own personal radiator while you are in the water, keeping your body warm with a strategic system of layers that have been expertly designed in order to trap heat and reflect any escaping heat back towards your body.

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How Does A Wetsuit Keep You Warm?

How Does A Wetsuit Keep You Warm

Wetsuits are wonderful when it comes to spending time in the water. They make swimming in water that would otherwise feel freezing quite enjoyable and they enable you to participate in water activities whenever you want to, without you ever having to worry about what the temperature is.

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