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Madagascar Diving: The Places to Go

madagascar diving

If you’re interested in a place full of excitement, mystery, and adventure, then Madagascar is the place to go, both on land and in the water. Madagascar diving is done in the Indian Ocean because the country is located right off the coast of Africa. Those who love nature or scuba diving will want to […]

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Zanzibar Diving: The Hottest Spots

zanzibar diving

If you’ve never heard of Zanzibar, you aren’t alone. Though it’s an island paradise that’s carefree and features the scents of cinnamon and vanilla, most people haven’t heard of it. In Zanzibar, you will experience the Indian Ocean in a new and different way. This place is famous for its idyllic beaches and spicy, tangy food, […]

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Tanzania Diving: Places to Go To

tanzania diving

If you’re someone who enjoys adventures and beaches, then Tanzania might be the place to go on your next vacation. It’s got a variety of exotic beaches where you can experience sea life, but the goal is to find the best Tanzania diving locations. We have come up with a list of places that feature scuba […]

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Sumatra Diving: Things You Want to Know

sumatra diving

If you’ve never heard of Sumatra before, you aren’t alone. Though it is a large island in Indonesia and the sixth-largest throughout the world, it is still a secret for most. It’s rugged and wild, so it blends the extremes of Mother Nature well. Of course, it is also prone to natural disasters, such as earthquakes, […]

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