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Grenada Snorkeling: Best Places to Snorkel

grenada snorkeling

You can bet that Grenada snorkeling is just as exciting as all of the land-based attractions that are filled with culture and nature. You will find that there is an abundance of shipwrecks, beautiful coral systems, an underwater volcano, and much more. If you’re planning an upcoming snorkeling trip and want to visit somewhere you’ve never experienced […]

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Snorkeling Philippines: The Many Choices

snorkeling philippines

If you plan on snorkeling Philippines waters, you’ve got so many options available to you. Like any new destination, though, it can be challenging to plan your trip if you’re not sure of the best places and locations to visit. Therefore, we have come up with a list of top snorkeling spots in the archipelago so that […]

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Palawan Snorkeling: Best Locations to Go

palawan snorkeling

If you’re planning to travel to the Philippines, you may want to consider Palawan snorkeling. It’s an excellent way to spend the day; plus, you can see the beautiful group of islands, located in Southern Luzon. Although it is about an hour away by plane traveling from Manila, the clear blue waters and pristine beaches are all […]

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Scuba Diving Philippines: The Best Dive Spots

scuba diving philippines

Imagine yourself submerged in an underwater paradise of colorful coral architecture, surrounded by schools of fish.  Welcome to scuba diving Philippines style! The Philippines has hundreds of amazing dive sites, from historic wrecks to remarkable drift dive spots, for you to explore.  If you’re planning a trip there, then we’re already jealous. We’ve put together our list of must-visit […]

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