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Shearwater Dive Computer Review

shearwater dive computer review

In this Shearwater Dive Computer review, we’ll go over the outstanding features that set these devices apart. As a relatively new company, these dive computers assist with providing demanding divers almost everything they desire. There are plenty of fascinating elements in both the Teric and Perdix AI dive computers to consider. Quick Navigation About Shearwater ResearchComparison ChartShearwater […]

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Oceanic Dive Computer Review

oceanic dive computer review

With this Oceanic Dive Computer review, you’ll have access to a couple of dive computers designed to make adventures easy. From recreational to professional divers, there are several innovative features their devices offer for underwater exploration. Both the Geo 2.0 and Pro Plus 3.0 boast many intuitive components to suit any skill level needs. Quick Navigation About […]

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How To Buy a Dive Computer: What To Look For

how to buy a dive computer

Learning how to buy a dive computer is an essential process every diver has to go through. Since the 1980s, these innovative tools have given underwater explorers revolutionary benefits. From calculating your dive time to determining your maximum depth, there’s plenty of features they offer. Quick Navigation What Dive Computers DoFeatures To ConsiderAlgorithmAir IntegrationStyleDownloading Capabilities and MemoryAnalog […]

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Suunto Dive Computer Review

suunto dive computer review

In this Suunto Dive Computer review, we’ll explore why they are often looked at as some of the best options for divers. With the D5 and Zoop Novo, you’ll have a multitude of unique features for your upcoming excursions. Let’s dive into the numerous factors that make the quality of Suunto devices top-tier. Quick Navigation About SuuntoComparison […]

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Best Dive Computer for Beginners of 2020

best dive computer for beginner

When diving, there are a few different ways to track your ongoing dive to ensure you can safely continue to be in the water. While it’s possible to use a depth gauge, timer, and diver tables to calculate your status, the best dive computer for beginner divers can efficiently combine those tools. Of course, you still need […]

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Best Air Integrated Dive Computer Options

best air integrated dive computer

Feeling safe and comfortable on every dive is important to the enjoyment of this sport. Choosing the right equipment that you can trust to do its job is essential. Over the last few years, technological advancements have meant that air integrated dive computers prove to be more reliable than previous models. They’re also starting to be more affordable. Since […]

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Best Console Dive Computers of 2020

best console dive computer

Dive computers are an incredibly useful tool for diving. However, some people have a hard time deciding between wrist and console dive computers. The best way to determine which option is right for you is to try both, but the units can be expensive. When choosing the best console dive computer as your first console dive computer or […]

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