Best Semi Dry Snorkels for Your Vacation

Best Semi Dry Snorkels for Your Vacation
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One of the most interesting things about snorkels is how intuitively designed they are for such a fundamental piece of equipment. Over the years, there really have been many developments to their design.

At first, divers were introduced to dry snorkels, which are mainly a single tube to give you access to air. Today, there are dry, semi dry, and wet snorkels, all with their own array of features and benefits.

Semi dry snorkels are incredibly popular and for a good reason. They’re easy for beginners and advanced scuba divers, have everything you need for easy access to air, and more. If you are on the lookout for one, we reviewed some of the best semi dry snorkels for you.

Best Semi Dry SnorkelsComparison Chart

Atomic SV2 Semi Dry Snorkel, Black/Red


Phantom Aquatics Semi Dry Snorkel, Aqua


ScubaPro Escape Scuba Divers Snorkel – Black


Best Semi Dry Snorkel Reviews

In order to choose the ideal semi dry snorkel for your next excursion, there are a few important things to look for, according to experts. You’ll want a sleek and streamlined design that allows you to navigate through the water effortlessly. You will also want to find a model that can prevent entry of water to the breathing tube.

Also, it should be easy to clear in the event that water does enter. The model that you choose should also fall comfortably into your budget and allow you to replace the mouthpiece, rather than having to replace the entire unit.

When heading for a snorkeling vacation, the three products below are great options. We look into their features, as well as their pros and cons.

1. Atomic SV2 Semi Dry Snorkel

Atomic Aquatics is a snorkeling gear manufacturer that has a keen eye for updating existing designs and equipment. They focus primarily on performance and ease of use, as well as versatility.

It’s important for scuba divers and snorkelers to be able to rely on and trust their diving equipment. Their line of SV snorkels is quite impressive, especially the Atomic SV2 Semi Dry Snorkel.


Designed to be small and versatile as well as sleek and valuable, there are plenty of features for you to use.

  • Multiple Colors

If you’re someone who truly likes to match their snorkel to the rest of their scuba gear, you’ll appreciate the many colors the product is available in such as teal, blue, hot pink, purple, red, silver, gold, and silver with black. You will also be able to choose different colors for each family member, so all of your equipment isn’t mixed up.

  • Built-In Scupper Valve

The scupper valve is one of the most interesting pieces of this semi-dry snorkel. It is designed to prevent water from ever entering the mouthpiece.

If the water makes its way to the internal tube, it will immediately be directed to the purge valve via the scupper valve. This helps to give you an unlimited amount of oxygen without the chance of taking in water.

  • Self-Draining Valve

Additionally, the scupper valve is self-draining. This helps to make it substantially easier to clear the internal tube while diving.

  • Dual Silicone Mouthpiece

In the effort to keep the snorkel more comfortable in your mouth, it features a dual mouthpiece. With this design, your teeth won’t over-clench, which could restrict your airflow. The primary purpose of the mouthpiece is to give you free and clear air to breathe while on the water.

  • Built-In Snorkel Keeper

If you find that you don’t need to use the snorkel at all times, you will love the snorkel keeper. You can quickly disconnect the snorkel or the keeper as well as rotate it up to 30 degrees away from your body. You’ll also love the range adjuster which allows you to hook the snorkel in the perfect position, so you don’t have to readjust it every time.

  • Streamlined Body

If you’re someone who has to travel to snorkel, you’ll find that packing the Atomic SV2 Semi Dry Snorkel is simple. Its thin and streamlined design easily fits into your scuba bag or your luggage.

That also makes the snorkel easier to use when fully submerged. You’ll also be able to navigate through the water without having to fight with an overly buoyant piece of equipment.

  • Built-In Wave Guard

If you find yourself in choppy water, you won’t have to worry about too much water entering the main tube. This is because the snorkel has a wave guard to prevent waves from filling your snorkel with water.


  • checkRequires limited blowing for purging
  • checkFluid movement with the snorkel keeper
  • checkSimple for beginners to use
  • checkThe mouthpiece feels quite comfortable
  • checkLimited risk of mouth and jaw fatigue


  • The mouthpiece will tear after time
  • Mask attachment locks in only one place
  • Water will enter the breathing tube if used improperly


2. Phantom Aquatics Semi Dry Snorkel

Much like any other scuba gear manufacturer, Phantom Aquatics focuses on designing stylish yet functional pieces of equipment. Their snorkels are known to have the most recent technical upgrades and materials. Additionally, each design is tested in real-world conditions to determine their reliability.


The Phantom Aquatics Semi Dry Snorkel is one of the best semi dry snorkel models on the market. It looks great and has plenty of versatile features to consider.

  • Splash-Proof Dry Guard

The main purpose of the splash-proof dry guard is to protect the breathing tube by blocking the entry of water. This is a common feature to find on semi-dry snorkels, but with the added splashguard, waves won’t impact your breathing either. Any overspray or extra droplets of water will be directed away from the tube while you’re snorkeling.

  • Quick-Release Keeper

The quick-release keeper is a convenient feature to have since you can easily detach the snorkel from your equipment with a single hand. This is owed to the fact that the keeper has a unique buckle that is easy to undo. If you’re someone who’s also working with deep diving equipment, this is one of the most convenient features to have.

  • Self-Draining Chamber

Similar to the Atomic SV2, the Phantom Aquatics Semi Dry Snorkel also has a self-draining chamber. This helps to make it substantially easier to purge the breathing tube, if necessary.

Additionally, it helps to remove the majority of water that may enter the tube on its own. This can help you to snorkel for longer without having to resurface.

  • Angled and Replaceable Mouthpiece

The angled mouthpiece was designed to make the snorkel more comfortable to wear for extended periods. In fact, people with a small, medium, or large-sized mouth will find that it’s one of the more comfortable mouthpieces on a snorkel.

As an added benefit, this piece is entirely replaceable. If the mouthpiece wears down over time, all you have to do is replace it, rather than replace the entire snorkel. Also, if you and your family use the same scuba gear, you can each invest in a mouthpiece rather than a dedicated snorkel.

  • Maneuverable Tube

Another feature you’re sure to appreciate is the maneuverability of the tube. You can easily swing the mouthpiece out of your way, which is ideal for divers who also use regulators.

The Phantom Aquatics Semi Dry Snorkel can be used as a standalone breathing apparatus or along with your other gear. Additionally, the flex tube at the bottom of the snorkel allows you to adjust the entire snorkel accordingly. You can leave it straight or wrap it around your head for smooth movement in the water.


  • checkIdeal for people with limited lung capacity
  • checkIncredibly easy to purge
  • checkWater drains effortlessly
  • checkComfortable and flexible
  • checkThe mouthpiece is quite comfortable


  • The snorkel moves a lot when preparing to dive
  • Buoyant and hard to dive with


3. Scubapro Escape Semi Dry Snorkel

Scubapro is one of the top tier manufacturers when it comes to snorkeling gear. Their products are priced mid-range and offer an onslaught of technologically advanced features.

Recently, they have focused on improving the sustainability of their equipment, including the Scubapro Escape Semi Dry Snorkel. Aside from its fantastic features, it’s also developed using innovative and environmentally friendly practices.


Available in four different colors, the Scubapro Escape Semi Dry Snorkel offers the following:

  • Large-Bore Barrel

If you’re someone who has long been in the market for a semi dry snorkel with plenty of room for excessive breathing, this is the one to choose. The Scubapro Escape Semi Dry Snorkel is specifically designed with a large-bore barrel. It allows for more airflow while preventing entry of more water into the breathing tube.

  • Top Splashguard

As a feature you’ll find in all dry snorkels, the splash guard comes into good use with this snorkel. Since it has a large chamber for breathing, it will also need a splashguard that prevents water and overspray from entering the tube. The design of this element helps you to trust your snorkel and use it in all types of water conditions.

  • Built-In Corrugated Section

Ideal for the type of scuba diver who needs customizability and versatility, you’ll love the built-in corrugated section. It makes it simpler to drop the snorkel away from your face when it’s not needed. This is especially important for scuba divers who also use regulators and more serious diving equipment.

  • Ergonomic Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is one of the most difficult aspects of a snorkel to design. This is because every user has a differently sized mouthpiece.

The ergonomic mouthpiece on the Scubapro Escape Semi Dry Snorkel assists you with snorkeling for longer. You’re far less likely to experience jaw and mouth fatigue than with other models.

  • Low Positioned Purge Valve

The purge valve of the snorkel is positioned low on the apparatus for a good reason. This makes it easier to purge but to also remove all traces of water that enters. You’ll find that this model has one of the fastest clearing methods.

  • Quick-Connect Clip

When attaching or detaching the snorkel from your equipment, you want it to be a single fluid motion. The quick-connect clip added to the main chamber makes it incredibly simple to remove the snorkel from the strap of your mask. For beginners, this makes it easier to set up your gear before heading out on the water.

  • Removable Mouthpiece

Over time, your mouthpiece will take quite a beating. With most other models, you will have to replace the entire snorkel.

With the Scubapro Escape Semi Dry Snorkel, you can change out the mouthpiece over the years. This is a far more affordable and convenient solution. Additionally, there are different mouthpiece sizes to choose from for a more custom fit.


  • checkSimple for beginners to purge
  • checkVery protective top splashguard
  • checkComfortable mouthpiece
  • checkEasy to snap on and off


  • Unreliable slip
  • May detach in heavy surf


The Verdict

No matter if you’re going on vacation or if you’re taking snorkeling lessons at home, you need the right gear. Semi dry snorkels are a fantastic option for all snorkelers and scuba divers, as they are easy to use, safe, and reliable.

Overall Winner

Our recommendation for the best semi dry snorkel is the Scubapro Escape Semi Dry Snorkel. It’s priced mid-range and has all of the features that you would expect from a professional piece of gear. You’ll particularly like how easy it is to breathe through the tube without having to worry about water entering your mouth.

Additionally, the purge system is intuitively designed up to a point that it’s easy enough for children to use. With its sleek and stylish design, you won’t feel like you’re impeded while scuba diving. Also, it’s comfortable to use with other equipment, such as your mask and your regulator.

The only downfall to the Scubapro Escape Semi Dry Snorkel is that when attached to your mask, it only uses a slip, rather than a loop closure. You may feel like you’re going to lose your snorkel when on choppy water.

Second Option

With that said, we’d also highly recommend the Atomic SV2 Semi Dry Snorkel, although it is the most expensive out of the three. It has plenty of fantastic features that you are sure to put to good use. It also looks and feels professional, which could make it a better alternative for experienced divers or as a gift.

Both the Scubapro Escape and the Atomic SV2 have similar features, such as an intuitive splashguard and a comfortable mouthpiece. However, the scupper valve is one component that sets the Atomic SV2 apart.

With the help of the scupper valve, you’re highly unlikely to taste any ocean water at all. Its self-draining chamber redirects water out of the purge valve, which also limits the number of times you’ll have to clear the snorkel.

With the help of these two recommended models, you’ll be prepared for your next excursion.

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