Best Scuba Regulator Mouthpiece of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

best scuba regulator mouthpiece
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Finding the best scuba regulator mouthpiece can make diving a more comfortable and serene experience.

You'll not only want to find one that works with your specific mouth shape, but that also reduces fatigue and discomfort.

Below, you'll find four top contenders for attractively styled mouthpieces for your upcoming excursion.

Comparison Chart

Edge Moldable Mouthpiece

Silicone Mouthpiece w/ Color Tab Replacement

Seacure X Type 2 Custom Mouthpiece

Aqua Lung Comfo-Bite Mouthpiece

Best Scuba Regulator Mouthpiece Reviews

1. Edge Moldable Mouthpiece

If you're in the market for a customizable mouthpiece, the Edge Moldable Mouthpiece is a fantastic option.

This model allows you to create a personalized fit for your regulator so you can dive comfortably.

There are plenty of great features you'll love to take advantage of.

Product Highlights

Custom mouthpieces are ideal for divers who have always had trouble trying to find correctly sized stock pieces.

Instead, you can easily mold this unit to fit your specific shape, which is far more beneficial.

You'll find that the mouthpiece will fit perfectly for every dive, helping to reduce mouth fatigue.

The innovative design of the Edge Moldable Mouthpiece also helps to relax your facial muscles.

You'll be far less likely to experience clamping, and you won't have to bite down as hard while diving.

Fortunately, as you can create a custom fit, it helps protect your jaw joints over time.

Another issue that you might experience with stock mouthpieces is that they rub against your gums, causing significant irritation.

With a custom one, you'll be able to eliminate all signs of gum irritation, which can help you stay underwater for longer.

This unit is designed to fit most regulators, so you'll have a universal mouthpiece for all of your gear.

What to Like About It 

When you're setting up the Edge Moldable Mouthpiece, the instructions are self-explanatory.

The simplicity of the instructions helps reduce the time it takes to form the piece.

You'll find that the material sits comfortably in your mouth, and it fits most big-name regulators, such as Zeagle and Aqua Lung.

What Not to Like About It

The most substantial disadvantage to this mouthpiece is that it can warp quickly in warm water, so you'll have to take special care.

The longer you soak it, the more likely it is to get holes, which renders the piece useless.


  • Clear instructions
  • Comfortable material
  • Easily fits into your mouth
  • Fits most big brand regulators


  • Can warp quickly in hot water
  • Could get holes in the material

2. Silicone Mouthpiece w/ Color Tab Replacement

The Silicone Mouthpiece w/ Color Tab Replacement is an excellent option for divers who need a mouthpiece for their regulator and snorkel.

With a seamless and classic design, you'll find it's a great option to replace your existing mouthpiece.

Although it can't be custom molded, it has a universal size that should fit most mouths.

Product Highlights

The Silicone Mouthpiece w/ Color Tab Replacement is available in three different colors.

You'll also find different colored tabs on the piece designed to offer optimal protection for your teeth.

The tabs assist with keeping your mouth in a comfortable position for extended periods.

Compared to other mouthpieces, this unit features a far more comfortable material that is easy to clamp down.

You won't have to worry about biting down too hard to create a waterproof seal between you and the piece.

Also, as it fits most standard regulators and snorkels, it's a multi-versatile mouthpiece that you can use for numerous outings.

Another advantage of the bite tabs is that they help keep the mouthpiece in your mouth.

Even if you're not biting down, you'll find it will sit comfortably, helping reduce your jaw joints from overextending.

What to Like About It

When you have the Silicone Mouthpiece w/ Color Tab Replacement in your mouth, you'll like how comfortable it is.

You'll have far less jaw strain, and it fits most stock regulators and snorkels.

With the more comfortable and softer material, you'll find it's easy for your teeth to grip to create a solid feel.

What Not to Like About It

As this unit has a universal design, you might need to invest in ties to hold it in place on your regulator and snorkel.

Also, some divers noted that the colors depicted in the images were far more subdued in person.

If you're considering this mouthpiece because of its supposed vibrant colors, it's not highly visible underwater.


  • Feels solid
  • Easy for your teeth to grip
  • Reduces jaw strain
  • Fits most stock regulators
  • Softer and comfortable material


  • Requires ties to hold in place
  • Colors may vary

3. Seacure X Type Mouthpiece

One of the most popular brands for scuba mouthpieces is Seacure because of its high-quality designs.

The Seacure X Type Mouthpiece is no different, as it's designed with the everyday diver in mind.

Available in black, blue, transparent, and hot pink, you can easily find a mouthpiece to fit your personality.

Product Highlights

The most considerable advantage of this mouthpiece is that it's moldable, so you'll create a unique fit.

With this feature, you can guarantee the likelihood of jaw fatigue and discomfort will be significantly reduced.

You'll also experience far less gum discomfort, especially if you have a sensitive mouth.

When you have a custom fit mouthpiece, you have all of the support that you could dream of from your regulator.

This unit's quality is far above the competition, as it's useful for professional and casual applications.

With an individual X-shaped profile, you'll find your regulator will have far less bulk.

If you're someone who typically gags on your mouthpieces, this is a fantastic alternative.

The X-shaped design helps to eliminate gagging without needing to trim back the mouthpiece, as it's custom-molded.

What to Like About It 

Once you have tackled the process of fitting the mouthpiece, it will feel amazing thanks to the high-quality silicone.

As it's available in different colors, it will be easy to tell your mouthpiece from any other gear, like your best drysuit.

If you have dental work done, you'll find that reforming the mouthpiece at a later date is relatively simple.

What Not to Like About It

The most challenging aspect of this mouthpiece is that it's hard to mold for the first time, and it takes longer than expected.

Also, once it's finished, you'll find it's hard to fit behind your lips.


  • Feels terrific after being fit
  • High-quality silicone material
  • Easy to reform later
  • Available in different colors
  • Immediately reduce jaw fatigue
  • Great for professional use


  • Challenging to mold the first time
  • Difficult to fit behind lips

4. Aqua Lung Comfo-Bite Mouthpiece

The Aqua Lung Comfo-Bite Mouthpiece is one of the top-tier options to consider when you need a new mouthpiece.

With a specialized design, divers will be able to experience far less jaw fatigue, among many other benefits.

Product Highlights

As its name suggests, this mouthpiece is specifically designed to help reduce jaw fatigue with its soft and comfortable material.

You'll find that it will feel like it has a custom fit, even though it's not moldable.

This feature is possible because you don't need to bite down to secure your regulator with its revolutionary shape.

If you're someone who requires an exceptional fit for your mouthpiece, you're bound to love its orthodontic design.

Your teeth won't feel like they have to clamp down on the material, and you'll enjoy diving for more extended periods.

You can loosen the bite on the mouthpiece to let it rest in your mouth, limiting your mouth’s pressure.

Also, the silicone rubber is high-quality to where you won't have to worry about chewing through the material right away.

Overall, it's one of the best choices for divers who don't want to have to bite down on their mouthpiece.

What to Like About It 

If you've had recent dental work or wear a retainer, you will appreciate the mouthpiece's orthodontic design.

It effectively eliminates jaw fatigue by keeping your joints relaxed, and it also helps to reduce tension headaches.

Divers will be able to stay comfortable underwater for much longer.

What Not to Like About It

You might find that this mouthpiece is too large for your mouth, causing it to rub against your cheeks and gums.

On the other hand, it could be too small and let too much water into your mouth.


  • Perfect for recent dental work
  • Comfortable for retainers
  • Zero jaw fatigue
  • Helps to keep the jaw relaxed
  • Reduces tension headaches


  • Might rub cheeks and gums
  • Could let in water

Types of Scuba Mouthpieces

The most important thing to consider when you start shopping for a mouthpiece is the type you're interested in.

Fortunately, several styles are designed for the specific needs of divers.

You should be able to easily find a comfortable model that gives you plenty of access to air.


Basic mouthpieces are the typical ones that come with rental gear, and they'll have two tabs on either side of the unit.

One of the most massive disadvantages to this design is that you'll have to bite down harder on them, reducing their longevity.

However, they are an excellent option for casual divers who don't own personal gear.

As a cost-effective and easily accessible option, they're highly recommended for infrequent divers.

Long Bite

Just as their name suggests, long bite mouthpieces are for people who have longer mouths.

If you've found that traditional mouthpieces force your jaw to overextend, these units are the better option to consider.

They're also far less expensive than some of the other types that you'll find at your local dive shop.

Not every diver will benefit from a long bite mouthpiece, especially if you don't have a long mouth.

You might find they will rub against the inside of your mouth and along your gums.

Above all else, they aren't recommended for divers who have a particularly sensitive gag reflex.


Your comfort is quite essential when it comes to diving, which is where cushioned mouthpieces excel.

With their unique design, you'll have soft tabs that your teeth will grip onto to help cushion them as you bite down.

This style is highly recommended for divers who experience tooth and gum discomfort and tension headaches from biting.

Cushioned mouthpieces are very well-rounded and can be beneficial for professional and casual diving.

You'll spend less time focusing on your mouth being uncomfortable and focus on enjoying your dive time.

Tooth Covering, Winged, and Bridged Mouthpieces

These three types of mouthpieces are the best option for divers who find it challenging to secure their mouthpieces.

They feature a unique design that allows the mouthpiece to fit snugly, whether you're biting down or not.

Also, if you're the type of person who moves around a lot in the water, these can be a preferable option.

Another exciting feature of these mouthpieces is that they grip onto your gums for added security.

However, this can cause them to rub against your gums and the inside of your mouth, causing discomfort.

Some divers prefer these models as they fit securely, but they can be irritating for long excursions.


By far, the most popular type of scuba regulator mouthpieces is custom-fit designs.

With these, you'll mold the silicone or rubber to your mouth's specifications, making them unique.

You'll dip them into warm water and hold the mouthpiece as you would while diving to mold it to your teeth.

With a custom-fit, you'll be far less likely to deal with jaw fatigue and discomfort, as they'll fit your mouth the best.

They can also be preferred by people who want a universal mouthpiece before and after dental work.

Interestingly, you can reform the mouthpiece by dipping it back into warm water if your teeth change.

The most significant challenge with custom-fit mouthpieces is they take extra effort to mold to the unique shape of your mouth.

Scuba Regulator Mouthpiece FAQs

1. Do scuba mouthpieces have sizes?

The mouthpiece that you use for your regulator won't come in a specific size, like clothing.

With that said, they will have measurements that you can review to determine if it would sit comfortably in your mouth.

Divers concerned about the unique shape of their mouth could be better off opting for a custom-fit mouthpiece.

Fortunately, most mouthpieces are designed to offer a universal fit, and the material can be trimmed to accommodate your mouth size.

2. Can mouthpieces be used with dentures?

You can easily find inexpensive mouthpieces that are designed for braces, unique mouth shapes, and more.

However, most divers prefer to take their dentures out when it comes to diving, as it can be more comfortable.

Otherwise, you might experience gum irritation from biting down on the device.

3. How long do scuba mouthpieces last?

The majority of high-quality scuba mouthpieces will last up to three years, depending on how often you dive.

You might be able to find the more expensive options for five years, but it's rare.

You'll likely see signs of the silicone wearing away well before the four-year mark.

Final Verdict

Our choice for the best scuba regulator mouthpiece is the Seacure X Type Mouthpiece, as it can be custom molded to your specifications.

You'll also appreciate the high-quality silicone that makes it far more comfortable for extended periods.

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