Best Scuba Regulator Bag of 2021: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

best scuba regulator bag
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The best scuba regulator bag gives you the freedom you need when traveling and for protecting your equipment at home.

As one of the most critical items you'll have in your set of gear, your regulator requires plenty of protection. These three bags are highly recommended for all divers.

Comparison Chart

AKONA Laguna Collapsing Duffel Bag

Scubapro Regulator Tech Dive Bag

Scubapro Regulator Tech Dive Bag

Best Scuba Regulator Bag Reviews

1. AKONA Laguna Collapsing Duffel Bag

The AKONA Laguna Collapsing Duffel Bag features a unique design, as there are two bags built into one.

You'll have plenty of storage space for your essentials, and you won't take up too much space in your luggage.

Traveling divers will especially appreciate the craftsmanship that has gone into the finer details of the bag.

Product Highlights

There are two bags built into the main design of this product—a mesh dive bag and a regulator bag.

In turn, you'll easily be able to pack your most important equipment in one convenient location.

Once you've filled the bag with your gear, it will seamlessly fit your luggage, whether it's carry-on or checked.

You also can use the entire bag as a single regulator bag if you want to save even more space.

With this single zipper, you can transform the regulator bag into a full-size mesh duffel. This is ideal for carrying your wet equipment after diving until it can thoroughly dry.

One of the most notable features of the AKONA Laguna Collapsing Duffel Bag is its zippers. It features YKK #5 zippers, which are known for their durability and resilience.

What to Like About It 

There's plenty to like with this regulator bag, especially if you want a design explicitly meant for travel.

As you can pack the entire unit down into a smaller sized regulator bag, it's perfect for most sized luggage.

Also, the high-quality zippers and low-profile design make it a fabulous option for an on-the-boat bag.

What Not to Like About It

There aren't very many disadvantages to the AKONA Laguna Collapsing Duffel Bag. If you happen to snag the mesh on a sharp object, the mesh is likely to tear.

Divers won't be able to wash the bag in the washing machine either due to the delicate mesh.


  • Convenient design
  • Easy to use for travel
  • High-quality zippers
  • Low-profile design


  • Mesh tears easily
  • Cannot be machine washed


2. Scubapro Regulator and Computer Tech Dive Bag 

The Scubapro Regulator and Computer Tech Dive Bag is a fantastic option for divers who want a simple yet convenient bag.

It has a classic design that offers optimal functionality without being too overbearing for travel.

It's another excellent option for popular dive spots or packing your scuba gear for local excursions.

Product Highlights

As a diver, you'll want to make sure that you protect your equipment, and this bag has plenty of protective features.

You can give your special equipment the attention it deserves, as there are two bags included with this product.

You'll have a specialty computer bag and a regulator bag to keep your most expensive equipment separate.

Both of the bags are crafted using 420D nylon and 450D ripstop materials.

You won't have to worry about the bags snagging on sharp objects or the materials tearing with excessive use.

Divers will love how you can fit far more than your regulator in the compartments, as you can also store your gauges with ease.

You can have full control over how you use the Scubapro Regulator and Computer Tech Dive Bag.

Some prefer to wear it as a tote bag or a shoulder bag, but you can also opt to carry it by hand using the padded handle.

The added double-slider zipper makes accessing the main compartment easier than with most other bags.

As an added benefit, you'll also receive a transparent zippered pouch to keep your logbook on-hand.

What to Like About It

The Scubapro Regulator and Computer Tech Dive Bag is an excellent option for solo divers who need a spot to store their equipment.

The high-quality zippers are very easy to use and don't show significant signs of wear and tear.

Also, there's plenty of extra space for additional equipment, such as a GoPro.

What Not to Like About It

There is some concern about the quality of the bag, as the stitching at the seams will fray quickly.

Also, the padding is slightly thinner than what you would expect from a protective case for your dive computer and regulator.

Another issue you might experience is trying to fit your computer into its bag, as it could be too small.


  • Plenty of extra space
  • High-quality zipper
  • Useful for solo equipment
  • Lightweight


  • Poor quality stitching
  • Thin padding
  • Computer bag is too small

3. Scubapro Regulator Tech Dive Bag

As an alternative to the previous Scubapro regulator bag, the Scubapro Regulator Tech Dive Bag is a more slimmed-down option.

If you don't need the extra computer bag, this could be a more convenient and affordable option.

With its modern and high-quality construction, it's an excellent choice for your most important equipment.

Product Highlights

As mentioned, this bag is designed to hold your regulator and a few other essential items, making it great for minimalists.

You'll find it's a fantastic option to give your regulator protective padding apart from your diving gear.

One of the most considerable benefits of the bag is that it features all-over padding for top tier security.

With that said, if you're traveling with other small pieces of gear, they will be able to fit in the bag.

Divers have noted they could fit two sets of regulators, a mask, and a snorkel with little room to spare.

The high-quality material is another essential feature to consider, as it's designed to stop significant signs of wear.

You'll find the all-over padding is covered by 500D water-resistant tarpaulin.

This material is designed to withstand rips and tears and reduce color fasting from UV exposure.

To help protect your regulator when it's stored during the off-season, the exterior is water-resistant.

What to Like About It 

Overall, the Scubapro Regulator and Computer Tech Dive Bag is a high-quality choice for your regulator bag.

Its reliable padding provides plenty of protection for your gear, and you'll also be able to hold most of your sensitive equipment.

Another advantage is that it has built-in Velcro straps for you to secure your logbook.

What Not to Like About It

Even though this bag is excellent for checked luggage, it could be too large for your carry-on, especially if you fill it.

Some divers noted that the bag arrived without a shoulder strap, which is its first carrying option.


  • Optimal storage space
  • Reliable padding
  • Built-in Velcro straps


  • Might arrive without shoulder strap
  • Could be too large for carry-ons


Buyer's Guide

As soon as you begin searching for the perfect regulator bag, you'll want to ensure you're spending your money wisely.

There are plenty of designs on the market, each with unique features suitable for many types of divers.

In this buyer's guide, we'll explore the essential items to look for.

1. Material/Construction

The material and construction of your new regulator bag are among the essential features, as it determines its longevity.

Just as you would spend plenty of time selecting the highest quality diving gear, your bags should meet your expectations.

Opting for ripstop fabrics, such as 500D or 450D nylon, can make sure the bag doesn't get rips and tears.

In terms of construction, you'll want to make sure the bag's design will hold up over the years.

All of the seams should be professionally stitched, and the zippers should slide easily with little resistance.

If a particular bag looks like its material is too thin, it might not be the ideal option for long-term use.

2. Weight

You're likely looking for a regulator bag because you travel to your favorite dive spots.

You'll want a bag that isn't going to add a lot of weight to your luggage and other gear.

Ideally, your bag's weight should be between one and three pounds, depending on its materials.

You might also find that regulator bags with pockets, straps, and extra accessories could weigh more.

All of this should be taken into consideration if you intend on packing it for a long-distance trip.

3. Size

Like weight, you will want to consider the size of your bag for travel.

You surely wouldn't want to invest in a regulator bag that is far too big for your equipment, and that takes up valuable space.

However, you should choose a design that will hold all of your expensive items, such as your computer, regulator, and backup gear.

You'll especially want to consider the size if you're carrying more than one person's dive gear.

4. Straps/Handles

Even though they might not seem like they're the most important, straps and handles are essential.

The bag should be comfortable to carry in any way you prefer, whether by hand or on your shoulder.

It can also be a great idea to opt for bags with detachable straps and handles for storage.

An added benefit would be to have extra padding on the straps and handles to make it more comfortable for long treks.

5. Wheels

Most regulator bags aren't designed with wheels but can be attached to wheel-friendly systems.

You'll find this feature is the most important for divers who pack a lot of gear and need to navigate through airports freely.

You can also find high-end luggage pieces that give you a single compartment for all of your best diving and scuba gear.

When choosing regulator bags with wheels, you'll want to make sure they are high-quality and maneuverable.

They should also be designed for rugged terrain with stabilizers to ensure your gear doesn't tip over or fall. 

6. Compartments

Staying organized is one of the essentials of being a diver, and as such, you'll want a regulator bag with compartments.

All of the compartments in your bag will be designed for specific equipment or extra essentials you bring with you.

With the help of specific storage spaces, you can ensure all of your equipment is kept safe and secure.

One of the most important things to consider with compartments is padding.

Although your regulator bag will have all-over padding, each of the pockets should have some as well.

Scuba Regulator Bag FAQs

1. What are regulator bags used for?

Much like their name suggests, regulator bags are typically used to hold your diving regulator.

Many people use them for travel, but they can also be convenient for storing your gear during the off-season.

Fortunately, they can also be used for plenty of other items, such as action cameras, a second diver's equipment, or your valuables.

The primary purpose of a regulator bag is to make sure your most expensive equipment is protected.

They will have plenty of padding, secure zippers, and sometimes Velcro to ensure your gear is secured.

2. Are regulator bags TSA approved?

One of the most considerable advantages of regulator bags is how easy some are to travel with.

Specific models can be attached to your airline luggage, while others are standalone bags.

Regardless, they are decently sized to carry on their own or to pack into your other luggage.

3. Are regulator bags safe?

As long as you opt for a regulator bag that has a substantial amount of padding, it should be safe.

Otherwise, you'll be putting your gear at risk for getting damaged from drops and falls.

It's also a good idea to choose a bag with waterproofing or water resistance to protect your regulator from unwanted moisture.

4. Do I need a travel regulator bag?

Most divers who are on the fence between buying one or not find they're instrumental.

You'll be able to keep everything organized for overseas travel or if you're on a cruise.

If you have more than one person in your group, you can store your gear together in a single bag.

Final Verdict

Our top choice for the best scuba regulator bag is the Scubapro Regulator and Computer Tech Dive Bag.

It has the most padding and gives you plenty of storage space for your equipment with some room to spare.

Also, it has a sleek and stylish appeal that is conveniently sized for most pieces of luggage.

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