Best Prescription Scuba Mask: Is It the Promate Scope Mask?

Best Prescription Scuba Mask
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Promate Scope Mask: QUICK OVERVIEW

Review of: Promate Scope Mask

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If you love scuba diving but don’t have perfect vision, then a prescription scuba mask is a luxury that you shouldn’t have to live without. While wearing contact lenses with a regular diving mask works, what happens if you feel uncomfortable wearing them?

Even if you are okay with wearing lenses, they can prove to be troublesome sometimes, and if they play up when you’re on a deep dive, it’s far from ideal. Wearing lenses underwater also puts you at a slightly higher risk of eye infection.

In other words, if your vision suffers, then a prescription mask is a vital piece of equipment for you. We scoured the net to find the best prescription scuba mask around to save you the trouble.

Promate Scope Mask Review

ProMate designs and manufactures all types of scuba diving and snorkeling gear and equipment to help you enjoy your underwater experience. They are known to provide top-notch quality at affordable prices, making this prescription diving mask your ideal companion in discovering the pleasures of the ocean.

Who Is this Product for?

This prescription diving mask is ideal for both men and women with medium-sized faces and who love diving but whose sight is less than perfect. You may not even wear glasses as you do your day-to-day tasks, but if you don’t have perfect vision and you want to enjoy absolute clarity in the underwater environment, then this product is definitely for you.

Anyone who is short-sighted up to -10.0 and far-sighted up to +4.0 can correct their underwater vision with this diving mask. This diving mask is also perfect for older divers as they also offer bifocal correction up to +4.0.

Unfortunately, this diving mask cannot be ordered to correct astigmatism. If your astigmatism is severe, then you’re better off looking elsewhere to get it corrected enough so that you can enjoy the beauty of the world under the sea.

What’s Included?

The price you pay includes one half-face scuba diving mask. The lenses of the mask are tailor-made to fix your vision problems underwater. Hence, once you have inputted your prescription details, the price that is shown will include the corrective lenses.

The lenses are preinstalled, and the mask is packaged well using plastic and rigid foam for protection inside the box.

Overview of the Features

  • Prescription Needs

The ProMate Scope Scuba Dive Mask is custom-made to accommodate a wide variety of prescription needs. With the ability to correct nearsighted vision from -1.0 up to -10.0 (by increments of 0.5), you can enjoy great vision if your prescription falls anywhere between.

For far-sighted users, the correction is available from +1.0 to +4.0, also in increments of 0.5. The increments of 0.5 may cause some problems matching your exact prescription as you may have a prescription that would ideally need corrections using 0.25 increments.

What does this mean? The vision for you won’t be absolutely perfect, but having said that, and with the affordability that this diving mask offers, we think “close to perfection” is okay. After all, when ordering your mask in cases such as this, you are advised to round down to the nearest 0.5.

  • Prescription Variety

You may have different prescription needs for each eye, and if this is the case, then you won’t find it to be a problem with ProMate. You just need to email them your two different prescription needs while also making sure that you clearly label which number is for the left eye and which is for the right eye.

The ProMate Dive Mask is also suitable for accommodating bifocal needs. The bifocal lens (also called the gauge reader lens) can be ordered to suit anyone with needs falling in the range of +1.0 to +4.0, again with increments of 0.5.

  • Quality

This prescription scuba diving mask features a double-edged comfort seal, liquid silicone-injected skirt and strap, and good adjusters that don’t slip about. This came as an unexpected surprise for a prescription mask at this price, and we’re impressed that the quality hasn’t been compromised for the lenses.

Aside from that, we have also noticed that the glass quality of the lenses is better than others we have tried, which is great as the better finish will mean less fogging.

  • Great Choice and Service

The mask is available in 10 different colors. Moreover, there are also two further options that allow a GoPro to be mounted to them, which is a fantastic variety to suit nearly everyone.

The customer service team is also excellent, and they are very responsive to any questions or problems you have.

How to Get the Most Out of It

First and foremost, have your eyes tested so that you are ordering with your very latest prescription results. Doing this ensures that you receive the best prescription scuba mask for you.

In addition to that, if you wear contact lenses, remember that your lens prescription may be different from that of your glasses so check with your optician if you’re unsure.

Also, if you are just using the bifocal lens to read your depth and pressure gauges, then the standard bifocal lens size will be sufficient. If, however, you also want to be able to use the bifocal at eye-level (for reading a compass as you swim or to help with the operation of cameras), then contact customer service to request that they make the bifocal lens slightly larger to accommodate this.


If you enjoy snorkeling as well as diving, then an alternative product that would be ideal to suit both hobbies is the ProMate Pro Slender Purge Mask. What does this mask have to offer?

Enjoying all of the same wonderful features of the ProMate Scope Mask, this mask can be ordered to suit your prescription as well. It is suitable for diving, but it has a snorkel attachment as well so that you can you can use the same mask for both activities.


ProMate has done a superb job here in making a high-quality prescription mask at a really affordable price. For this reason, we believe that the best prescription scuba mask on the market is definitely the ProMate Scope Mask, which can correct most users’ prescriptions perfectly, and others, nearly perfect.

As long as you have an average sized face, then this mask should fit you perfectly. The double-edged comfort seal will be sure to keep the water out too. The tempered glass used for the lenses is also high quality and much less likely to fog up as compared to other prescription masks in this price range.

This scuba mask makes a great investment for anyone who has a less-than-perfect vision. Wearing this will definitely go a long way in enhancing your underwater experience.

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