Best Full Face Scuba Masks by Ocean Reef

Best Full Face Scuba Mask
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No matter if you’re commercial diving or using it for recreational water sports, a full face diving mask can change your whole experience. As diving gear becomes more advanced and a more common hobby today, affordable high-tier equipment is now available for recreational use.

But how do you know which full face scuba masks are worth investing in? It's easy to say that a nice set of diving gear isn’t cheap, so you’ll want to get your money’s worth. Plus, a good set of scuba gear can make your dive a magical experience. If you’re looking for a worthwhile dive, then you may be interested in the top three full face dive masks that we reviewed.

Best Full Face Scuba Mask
Comparison Chart

Ocean Reef Predator T Divers Full Face Diving Mask

Ocean Reef Neptune Space Iron Full Face Mask

Ocean Reef Diving Mask Neptune Space G.divers OR025015 Cobalt M/L Medium/Large

Best Full Face Scuba Mask Reviews

1. Ocean Reef Predator T Full Face Diving Mask

As you may know, diving requires top-tier gear to meet safety regulations and be used commercially. The Predator T isn’t an exception.


When it comes to diving gear, the Predator T is one of the best commercial diver choices because of the following:

  • Construction and Design

First off, the Ocean Reef Predator T Full Face Diving Mask is one of the sturdiest and solid designs you can find in a commercial-grade full face mask. As a commercial mask, it’s critical that the mask is made not only to be durable but also to withstand frequent use. Amongst diving professionals, this tends to be a favorite because of its limited lifetime warranty.

For the durability, the mask comes with a regulator cover which is made for marine-style exploration. The mask comes with an anodized anticorodal, which makes it sturdy.

Other properties include a lightweight-resistant build. It is also crafted from high-grade aluminum to ensure high life expectancy.

  • Adjustment Knob, Buckles, and Frame

Aside from those, it features a regular adjustment knob, an internal screwing system, and a robust stainless steel build. Additionally, all buckles and framework done on the mask are crafted with AISI 316 stainless steel, ensuring high protection.

While deep diving, there may be a time when you need to adjust the sensitivity knob. Some scuba masks are hard to grasp at even with thick gloves, but because the knob is easily adjustable and big enough, you’ll have no problems moving it when needed.

  • Head Strap

The head strap is made from an HNBR rubber. This specific type of rubber is known for its complex property for keeping high elasticity while in a wide range of oceanic temperatures. Depending on where you’re diving, you may be facing warm or cold waters, but the HNBR rubber can last in all temperature types.

  • Weight

Deep scuba diving gear can become heavy and weigh you down. However, the Ocean Reef Predator T weighs approximately 1030 grams, which is equivalent to 2.28 pounds. However, with the buoyancy reducing it, it can become 232 grams or ½ of a pound.

  • Usability

Ideally, it’s more suitable for colder water, as it’s been officially cold water certificated. The material to the mask comes balanced, integrated, and features enhanced performance in colder climates.

As for usability, it comes with a directional exhaust valve which enables you to switch between four positions which are dive modes and a pre-dive option.

  • Visor

Lastly, the mask has a polycarbonate visor, which is a protective coating to help prevent the mask from wearing down over time and creates a scratch resistant coating. Overall, we’d say that this scuba mask excels in performance, durability, and function.

  • Extender Frame Mounting

The only farce we have with the unit is that it can’t be mounted with an extender frame or any kits without the use of an extra clamping band. The band itself doesn’t fit right unless it's designed from nylon, which can be a hassle for some. Other than that, there really are no other downsides.


  • check
    Certified for cold climates
  • check
    Enhanced protection and durability
  • check
    Multiple adjustable features
  • check
    Excellent for commercial use


  • Can’t mount extender frame without a nylon band

2. Ocean Reef Neptune Space Iron Full Face Mask

Now that we’ve covered a commercial type full face scuba mask, we’re moving onto a different type. The Ocean Reef Neptune is in a much different league than the last mask that we’ve reviewed. Instead of being used for commercial use, this is specially designed to be used in contaminated waters.


The Ocean Reef Neptune Space Iron Full Face Mask offers the following:

  • Filter System

Overall, the Space Iron features multiple properties and design features that put it above others on the market. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line full face scuba mask that has high filter potential, then look no further.

The Space Iron can be exposed to high levels of chemical properties, but still retain its integrity and structure, making it suitable for more extended uses. The mask itself has filtering properties that not only enable the user to come into contact with potentially harmful substances but also can withstand hydrocarbons.

  • Nozzle

When the diver is using the mask, they will be allowed to change the airflow as needed. This helps with sensitivity and breathing. On top of that, the adjustable nozzle is hassle-free and enables you to change it even with thick diving gloves.

  • Construction

As for the materials, the surface of the scuba mask is coating in a protective layer that helps keep the mask in the best condition possible. Saltwater and latent chemical conditions can wear down scuba gear over time if it’s not cutting correctly; hence, the Space Iron excels so well. It features a surface treatment that uses tech polymer protection, keeping it durable.

  • Usage

Ideally, the Space Iron is geared towards cold water use and excels at being used in lower temperatures of water. The material of the mask itself is made from an HNBR rubber compound which can keep you insulated and protected.

  • Weight

Weight plays an important role in gear, as you’ll need to know the total weight when you’re composing your diving outfit. The Space Iron has a total weight of roughly 1090 grams, which is approximately 2.4 pounds. However, when placed in water, it features a positive buoyancy of 172 grams, which is ⅖ of a pound.

  • Regulator

Other features included are an enhanced integrated regulator which has been crafted using a precise laser-cut anticorodal. For this feature, it was essential that the regulator has a property that could be seen when you’re in the depths of the ocean, which is why the regulator features a gold finish. This enables fellow divers to track you while the water may be dark and cloudy.

The only gripe that we’ve had is that the external regulator may be a bit intense for some and cause jaw soreness. However, this is common amongst high durability full face masks because of the tight fit and leak resistant properties.

The important factor is to make sure that the mask fits your face shape. Trying it out before using it can help avoid this problem.

  • Screws and Buckles

Lastly, the small details and finishes on the scuba mask are what make it a bit better than other models. It features an external trim screw which makes knob adjustments hassle-free. Then on top of that, there are six release buckles--all of which have AISI 316 stainless steel properties. Overall, this full face scuba mask has a durable and hardy build that enables divers to have complete control over their swim.


  • check
    Designed for contaminated waters
  • check
    Very sturdy design
  • check
    Hassle-free adjustability
  • check
    Manageable weight
  • check
    Gold finishing for easy visibility


  • May cause jaw soreness

3. Ocean Reef Neptune Space G.Divers

After we’ve looked over the previous two scuba masks, we’re now going to introduce you to the Ocean Reef Neptune Space G. Divers. The Ocean Reef has been specially crafted for either commercial or personal use. If we had to throw it into a category, we’d say that this best full face mask is best used for communication amongst divers.


The things you would expect from the Ocean Reef Neptune Space G.Divers are:

  • Communication System

If you’re diving the open seas with your friends or a scuba class, it’s going to be important to keep in contact. The Ocean Reef comes with a built-in communication system which can keep you in touch even at a distance away.

For communication, the installed system can help you feel secure while you are diving, enabling you to enjoy your time. It can be scary for beginners or first-time divers, and the choice of having a communication system can prevent them from panicking. It also can be used as a communication system between instructors and students.

Along with that, there’s also an enjoyment of being able to share your surroundings and talking to each other while you're diving. The receiver can last up to 30 hours and has an optimal range of 200 meters in good water conditions. That being said, the maximum range is around 250 meters.

As for the build of the scuba full face, it’s important not to add extra weight. The receiver doesn’t create a heavier mask, which helps cut down the tension on your neck or face. The single channel receiver also features an easy-to-use system, with no learning curve. Simply push one button to talk and communicate with others whether they’re diving or above the surface.

The communication system uses the same frequency as any other Ocean Reef product and can be used with a WiFi connection. Overall, it’s the perfect addition to any diving class and is excellent for guided tours. We’d say if you’re looking to have time and feel more secure during your first dive, then consider investing in this fantastic full face scuba mask.

  • Construction and Design

Now that we’ve covered the communication system, we can move onto the scuba masks build. The Space G. comes with a unique circulation system which can help prevent fogging and stops a buildup of CO2.

For added support, there are two silicone pockets which can be connected to one-way valves to help inhale air well. Through this process, it helps limit the amount of CO2 and is more comfortable on the lungs.

  • SAV System

The Space G. also comes with a full SAV system which enables the diver to breathe ambient air when they’re above water. The SAV features an octopus port and four different rings to help match the mask to a specific color, enabling you to tell each other apart when in the water. Overall, installation is easy, and there are other types of accessories that you can add.

  • Equalization System

Lastly, equalization is a big problem and to help relieve this, the Space G. comes with an Ocean Reef 3D equalization system. It starts with two eccentric blocks which can be moved around to fit your nose.

The blocks help shift the nozzles up and down, enabling a better fit. The system also can narrow and expand the nose, which is good because not every diver is the same.


  • check
    Excellent communication system
  • check
    Adjustable nose nozzle
  • check
    Enhanced compatibility
  • check
    Better breathing
  • check
    Anti-fogging mechanism


  • A bit hard to adjust the nose when using thick gloves


Each of the full face scuba masks is designed for different uses, which makes it hard just to pick one above the other. Nonetheless, if we were to compare the pros, cons, and price point of each of these models, we could definitely recommend one for use.

We would like to say though that it’s best to choose one that works with what type of scuba diving you plan to do. There are plenty of different uses for these masks, but generally, you can get away with using them for most underwater activities.

So, which is the best full face scuba mask? We’d have to say it’s the Ocean Reef Predator T because it can withstand harsh treatment. The mask itself is well made and crafted from high-quality materials and can be used in saltwater environments.

On top of that, the whole design is simplistic and easy to learn how to use, which can help prevent newbies with the hassle of trying to learn while they’re submerged. The addition of the high protection with stainless steel and NHBR rubber makes this one of the best.

Hopefully, this has inspired you and taught you a few facts as to which product is the best full face scuba mask.

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