A Point Wetsuits Premium Neoprene 1mm Sport Cap Review

A Point Wetsuits Premium Neoprene 1mm Sport Cap Review
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A Point Wetsuits Premium Neoprene 1mm Sport Cap : QUICK OVERVIEW

Review of: A Point Wetsuits Premium Neoprene 1mm Sport Cap

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What We Like

  • Designed with anatomical fit
  • Multi-adjustable velcro

What We Don’t Like

  • Not suitable in frigid waters
  • A little bit thin

In addition to your wetsuit, it is a good idea to have a wetsuit hood. This is a neoprene head covering that covers everything from the top of your head to your neck, leaving only the facial area exposed.

When diving, you are going to be exposed to very cold water, and having one of these hoods is going to help to regulate your body temperature. When you come to the surface, you may be exposed to cold air from the wind, and the hood is going to help keep your head warm.

There are many different hoods available, and today we are going to take a look at one of our favorite neoprene hoods, the A Point Wetsuits Premium Neoprene 1mm Sport Cap.


A Point Wetsuits Premium Neoprene 1mm Sport Cap Review

A Point 1mm Diving Hood Wetsuit Neoprene Hood Surfing Skins Hat Sport Cap

The A Point Wetsuits Premium Neoprene 1mm Sport Cap is made from 1mm thick premium neoprene material, and is designed with an anatomical fit. It is very comfortable to wear, with flatlock seams that don’t stick into your skin. It can be customized by you for your face shape, with a multi-adjustable Velcro chin strap and D-ring. This is the ideal hood for both scuba diving and snorkeling, and it will help you to retain heat and keep your body temperature regulated.

This hood may be made of super-thin neoprene, but that doesn’t take away from its effectiveness in the least. It is just 1mm thick, but it will retain heat, and because of its dark color, the sun will also help to keep it warm. Made from a three-layer composite rubber material, this hood is durable and easy to care for. Just make sure that you don’t throw it in the washing machine.

Who is this Hood For?

Anyone who dives can greatly benefit from using this hood. When diving, you are at risk of losing a lot of body heat, and a great percentage of that is going to be lost through your head. A diving hood, such as the A Point Wetsuits Premium Neoprene 1mm Sport Cap, will help to protect you from that heat loss, so you can safely dive or enjoy other water sports, even in cold water conditions. Wearing a hood can increase the overall protection you get from your wetsuit, and you will be a lot warmer while you are enjoying your sport.

Another benefit of using a hood is that it can reduce the risk of head pains when you submerge under cold water. Also, if you have long hair, a hood such as this one is going to help to hold it in place while you are diving, snorkeling, or taking part in other water sports. It will also help to protect your head from sunburn.

What’s Included?

When your package arrives, it will contain one A Point Wetsuits Premium Neoprene 1mm Sport Cap, in the size you have chosen (S, M, L, and XL). Make sure that you try it on to see if it is going to fit properly. If it is not a good fit, you may have to contact customer service to have it exchanged for a different size. These hoods tend to run a bit on the small side, so you may want to order a size larger than what you normally would.

Overview of Features

As you already know, there are several reasons why it is important to wear a head covering while taking part in water sports. The A Point Wetsuits Premium Neoprene 1mm Sport Cap is lightweight and comfortable, and it provides you with the protection you need for body temperature regulation, allowing your body to retain heat. Other features we like include:

  • Acts as Sunscreen – Unless you have no hair, it is pretty difficult to put sunscreen on your head. This hood acts as a barrier between your skin and the sun, so you aren’t going to end up with a sunburn on the top of your head. These days, the more protection you have from UV rays, the better.
  • Durability – This hood is made from thin yet durable neoprene fabric, and has secure seams that are going to hold up through a lot of dives. This is a firm yet pliable hood that is comfortable to wear, and as long as you take care of it properly by cleaning and rinsing it out after each use, it should be around for a long time.
  • Cold Water Diving – This hood is not meant to be worn in frigid waters, but it can help to keep you insulated against colder water temperatures, as low as 18 degrees. This means that you can enjoy some ocean diving without having to worry about losing a lot of your body heat and catching a chill.

There is one problem we have found with this hood, and that is the fact that it’s a little bit on the thin side for our liking. Even an extra millimeter or two is going to give you a lot more protection, and it will be just as comfortable as a thinner fabric.

Prevent Surfer’s Ear with this Neoprene Hood

Anyone who spends a lot of time in the water is at risk of developing a condition known as surfer’s ear. Basically, this is caused when one has had too much exposure to wind chills and cold water, and it happens to divers, surfers, etc. Symptoms of this condition can be painful, and include ear aches, increased risk of infections, and hearing loss. Wearing this neoprene hood can help to keep you from ending up with surfer’s ear.

Alternative Product

If you are looking for something that is a bit thicker, there is another hood that we would like to recommend. It is a 1-3mm bib hood diving cap made from neoprene, and is available for both men and women on Amazon.com.

It is made from a combination of neoprene and nylon, so it has plenty of elasticity. There is an integrated air vent that allows bubbles to escape through the top of the hood without any extra exchange of water. It also offers UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays.


If you spend a lot of time enjoying scuba diving and other water sports, you need to have the right equipment, including a hood that is going to protect your head from the sun and help to regulate your body temperature by keeping heat in your body.

The A Point Wetsuits Premium Neoprene 1mm Sport Cap is the ideal solution, and it isn’t going to cost a lot of money. You can get one of these hoods for less than $15, so it there is no reason not to get one today.


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